valley of flower


I recently started playing Stardew Valley and BOY I did not expect to fall for three guys at once. It’s year 2 and I still can’t decide who to woo. They’re all just so precious <3

Thank you all for the suggestions so far! I have added blue bells, lily of the valley, lisanthius and snapdragons.

I’m looking for more ideas, primarily orange/red and blue/purple flowers. I’m also looking for a flower to replace the ????? one because I made it some time ago and don’t remember what it’s supposed to be.

I might also change the tub o flower one to an actual flower, so if you have a good idea then goooo.

Your suggestion could be really simple, like I could go ahead and just add another rose variant, like a red one for fall if that’s what you want.

In total I’m looking for another 4 or 5 or so flowers.

If I have not used your suggested flower in this update, then I just couldn’t create it because my skills suck and because pixel art can be limiting, I didn’t ignore your suggestion.


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