valley ink


i took screencaps of all the ink colors currently in splatoon 2! these arent by any means official names for the colors, i just made them up to differentiate them. if you wanna see splatfest colors, ill be adding them to a tag as they happen. unfortunately i dont have screencaps of the cake vs ice cream splatfest, but they might use the same colors if they ever do pearl vs marina. the tag is here;

octo valley ink colors will be under the cut just in case nobody wants to see minor spoilers;

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trees press forward
birthing sweetness
and i wonder…
where is mine

where is my fruit
or not

where are the sensational things
you were so sure were on the way
“all in their own time” you said
“all in their own time”

and you saw them coming
through my hills and valleys

but you were never god
nor magician
you just wanted the best for me

maybe silently they arrived
while i’m still looking
in all the wrong places

Suzy Hazelwood (Flickr)