valley ink

Snow in the Valley

The winter winds blew the snow across the ground furiously, whipping past the window like fast cars and lightning. It was the breath of Father Winter himself, the heavy layer of monotony that always settled across the valley this time of year.

Jeanne sighed and rolled over in her bed, not wanting to face the day ahead. It was 5:59 a.m., only a minute from her usual time to get up, and the chill that haunted her home outside of the blankets was an obstacle. No amount of anything made her want to leave her cozy blanket haven, where her extremities would be protected from any chills.

She knew, however, that there was work to be done and no one else was going to do it but her. Currently, she lived alone (well, besides her cat), so she needed to take care of the animals. Slowly but surely, she stumbled out of bed and pulled on her overalls, boots, and weathered sailor’s cap she’d won from the ice fishing contest last winter.

As soon as she stepped out the door, she winced. The snow was falling thick today, covering the ground in a dense coat of white. Her sprinklers from the crop seasons were hidden in small piles of snow across the fields. She groaned. It would be a pain to clear those off if the spring didn’t get warm enough.

She went about her usual tasks with a sluggishness only cold weather can produce. She milked the cows and goats, gathered chicken eggs and rabbit wool, and put them all in their respective machines to produce those sweet artisan goods. Lately, she’d been getting very high-quality milk from her oldest cow. She wondered before if the heater she’d installed was keeping the animals warm enough, so she guessed that the milk quality was the answer to her pondering.

Looking off in the distance, Jeanne studied the second barn she’d had built across the farm. It was empty, but she needed to think about filling it with animals for next season. Having just ordered an addition to her house– she’d been originally woken by the hammering of Robin’s tools against the walls– she wasn’t sure if she’d have the funds. Such is life, she thought to herself, moseying over to her horse and hopping on its back.

“Hey! Jeanne! What’s up?”

The voice startled her and she twisted around quickly, almost throwing herself off her horse. She hadn’t immediately recognized it over the muffling effect of the snow, but here he was. Sam.

He came to a halt a few feet away, bending over and pulling a blue parka closer to his body. “Hot diggity, it’s cold out today,” he huffed. He seemed to be trying to catch his breath. Unsurprisingly, he looked disheveled and was coated in small, compact bits of snow.

“You’re looking as excited as ever,” she commented, smiling at him with amusement. “Why are you in such a hurry, huh?”

His eyes lit up as she asked. “You won’t believe this. I set up the most amazing snow trap for Sebastian and it’s gonna be wicked. You wanna come check it out?”

She grinned. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world, my dude.” She hoisted him up onto the horse behind her and they got moving, running off into the snowy landscape ahead of them.

Eh, maybe winter wasn’t so bad.


My soul aches for you
My heart bleeds for you
My thoughts are all about you
I am longing for you
I am searching for you


You are the loveliest lily of the valley
You are the sunsets of my dreams

You are
the only one
for me


So, where are you
my love?
Where are you?

I am still waiting

Still waiting for you

© 2012 @celtic-poetry


(Been very behind due to an unpleasant event and getting all my garbage together for spring break. Catching up now!)

Feel the wind at your spine
The crows cawing away
As you rise from your bed
Starting another day

The mailbox is empty
(You’re a little surprised)
While your cat mews plainly
And looks up with cute eyes

You’re doing your duty
To the people you feed
To the plants and the creatures
That we all plainly need

Even so, you’re still smiling
Always taking the time
To say hi to your neighbor
To be lovely and kind

When you ride your way past me
On that chestnut-brown mare
I feel something hopeful
That’s between us there

So Farmer, keep farming,
I’ll watch you all day
Perhaps I might join you…

Maybe, some day.