valley ink

it’s been awhile since the last verse ,, 

i’ve trimmed the rest of the bottle while reading valley of the dolls ,, i guess i like the irony of it all,,

that is, reading a book that conveys your life.

i wonder what it’s like to be like plath and write about ester greenwood 

i love the way women use their words.

my greatest muses being plath, sexton, and dickinson, and thats to only name a few 

maybe its the prozac or the way they hold their head up in interviews 

something about plath, the way she reads her poetry 

i’m not doing too well 

my heads not in the oven yet i can’t get off the floor 

dream girls with red dolls 

plagued models 

my influences aren’t the greatest

i find the word dexterity suiting to my lack of sanity 

so for now i’ll cut it from the corner of the page and slip the bottle back in place