valley hills mall

Liam- It Kinda Makes Everything Worth It

Request-  Prompt #1 and can the character be Liam and can SCOTT be the one who still believes in Santa

A/N- So I didn’t make Scott the believer, but only because I had already been planning on it being Malia. Next up is an Isaac imagine.

“How much longer do we have to wait?” Liam groaned as he stood next to you in the seemingly endless line.
You peered past Scott who had been standing on your other side, and you saw that the line of children waiting to see “Santa” was slowly dwindling. Besides the parents of the children waiting to see the mall Santa, you and your friends seemed to be the only ones in line over the age of ten. It was  more than a little embarrassing and Liam hadn’t stopped stating that fact since you got there, but it wasn’t like you didn’t have a good reason.
You, Stiles, Liam, Scott, Kira, and Lydia would never have even considered going to see a mall Santa had it not been for one member of the pack. Since the last time Malia had been human was when she was nine, that Christmas was going to be her first one after being a coyote for eight years. She was incredibly excited and you were all happy to make the holidays good for her, but there was just one tiny little problem.
Having been living in the woods as an animal until very recently, Malia had never learned that Santa wasn’t real. It made sense considering that most nine year olds still believed in Santa, and her father hadn’t had the heart to tell her the truth when she came back. Mr. Tate had openly admitted that he hadn’t wanted to be the one to tell her and he had begged Stiles and Scott to help him out.
While Scott was a good alpha and an amazing leader, dream-crushing just wasn’t in his skill set. As an alternative, he suggested that you all help keep the magic alive for one more year and go with Malia to see Santa at the Hill Valley mall. None of you really had the heart to say no, so here you were, standing in line for over forty minutes as children cried and parents gave you dirty looks.
“Probably not long,” you told Liam as a little girl a few spots in front of you sat on Santa’s lap. “The line’s moving up.”
“I still don’t know why we had to come and do this,” Liam complained. “Why couldn’t Scott and Stiles just take her?”
“Because we’re a pack,” you told your boyfriend. “And besides, look how excited she is. It kinda makes everything worth it, don’t you think?”
Liam tilted his head and looked over to where Malia was practically bouncing where she stood. Her shoulders bobbed up and down as she shook with excitement, and her wide brown eyes gazed around at the other kids sitting on Santa’s lap. Suddenly her brow furrowed, and she turned to Stiles.
“Why is no one our age here?” Malia asked him. “Everyone else is like ten years old.”
“Uh…” Stiles said, his eyes narrowing as he scratched his neck. “There’s no one else here because, because, uh-”
“Because the older kids go earlier,” Lydia lied smoothly. “We’ve just been so busy that we came late.”
“Oh,” Malia said, a smile breaking out on her face. “Okay.”
She turned back to watch Santa, only to find that the line had moved up. She reached out and grabbed Stiles’ hand so hard he flinched. “We’re next!”
Liam smiled softly, looking over to you and squeezing your hand. “I guess you’re right.”
“So have you decided what you’re going to ask for?” you asked him softly.
“Hmm, I don’t know,” he said as his fingers intertwined with yours. “I’d say all I want for Christmas is you, but I already have that.”
You rolled your eyes, playfully shoving him at his cheesiness. “You’re such a loser. You’ve been waiting all day to say that haven’t you?”
Liam grinned at you. “All week actually, but it’s still true.”
You giggled and rolled your eyes before looking back over at Malia and the others. A boy hopped off Santa’s lap, and soon an elf was waving Malia over. The coyote’s eyes widened, and she quickly shoved Kira in front of her in fear.
“Malia, wait-”
Before the kitsune could finish protesting, the elf was ushering her up to Santa. You suppressed a laugh at her wide almond eyes and Malia’s sudden nervousness.
“I really don’t want to sit on his lap,” Liam insisted as he listened to Kira nervously tell the Santa she wanted a new katana.  
“Oh come on,” you told him. “Do it for Malia.”
“Fine,” he said, then he looked over at you and wiggled his eyebrows. “But only if you sit on my lap later.”
You rolled your eyes, playfully smacking him in the chest as Scott coughed loudly. He shot you guys a look, no doubt noticing the glances you two were earning from some of the parents.
“Guys,” he muttered. “Keep it PG.”
“Hey this was your idea…” you told him.
You looked back over to Santa, where Malia was now proudly sitting on his lap and grinning for the camera. Stiles stood in front of Malia, raising his phone to take picture after picture as Malia rattled off her Christmas list. You couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm, and it almost made you wish you could have that magic back again.
“…but it was definitely worth it,” you finished.
Liam smiled and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, giving you a playful squeeze as you all looked at Malia’s excited face. Some pretty awful things had happened in Beacon Hills, but there was no denying that the Christmas spirit was alive and well, even for the pack.