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Rato Macchendranath Temple. Nepal. 1850.

This monumental work, one of the largest Nepalese scroll paintings (paubha) in the world, depicts the temple of Rato Macchendranath in the ancient kingdom of Patan in the Kathmandu Valley. In the center of the composition sits the Red Lord, known as either Rato Macchendranath or Red Padmapani Avalokiteshvara. In the registers above are scenes from the life story of Buddha Shakyamuni, accompanied by images of Hindu gods receiving his teachings. The many patrons and devotees are arranged in rows across the bottom registers, each in a pose of worship and wearing clothes of the time period. They are each identified by inscription

Stardew Valley Headcanon - Emily’s Clothing Therapy, Round 2

The mountain neighborhood and the Mullner family get a turn!

Maru - Gets a flouncy dress with an accurate map of the galaxy on it.  Wears it every chance she gets.

Demetrius - Gold hot pants and black leather dance shoes.  That’s it.  He moonwalks out of the Mayor’s house and does a back handspring down the stairs.

Sebastian - Gets in an argument with Emily.  “I don’t want to express myself.  I express myself every day.  I want to not express myself, and have people get it anyway.”  Changes clothes anyway.  Leaves in a pair of sweatpants, an oversized and overly comfy t-shirt, and crocs.

Linus - “Free clothes? Can we keep these!?” He emerges in what look like monks’ robes; loose, very heavy, and brown.  He opens up the robes to reveal a tank top and running shorts.  “Now I have something for every season, thanks!”

Evelyn - A vintage 1930s evening gown, topped with a wool cloche.  She goes to the saloon and orders a sidecar.

George - Agrees with Sebastian for the first time EVER.  “The worst part about leavin’ the dang house is getting dressed!”  Leaves in flannel pajamas, goes to the saloon, and gets salty with anyone who dares comment on his outfit.  Buys Evelyn’s drink.  157-heart event? ^_^

Alex - A superhero outfit.  Green shirt and tights, yellow undies and cape. No mask.  Red heart, outlined in yellow, on the front.  “Meet my alter ego, Super Heart!  I use super strength to bring justice and love to the world!  My mom always said the heart is the strongest muscle.”  After a brief pause, he turns to the mayor and laughs.  “Hey Lewis, I’ll be outside bench pressin’ your truck!”  He leaves, giggling and absolutely beaming.

Stay tuned for the trailer and Town Square.

Chakrasamvara Mandala. Thakuri early Malla Periods, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. 1100.

This ritual diagram (mandala) is conceived as the cosmic palace of the wrathful Chakrasamvara and his consort, Vajravarahi, seen at center. These deities embody the esoteric knowledge of the Yoga Tantras. Six goddesses on stylized lotus petals surround the divine couple. Framing the mandala are the eight great burial grounds of India, each presided over by a deity beneath a tree. The cemeteries are appropriate places for meditation on Chakrasamvara and are emblematic of the various realms of existence. The lower register contains five forms of the goddess Tara, a tantric adept at left, and two donors at right. This mandala is one of the earliest surviving large-scale paintings known from Nepal. Stylistic features relate it to Nepalese manuscript covers and to eastern Indian palm-leaf manuscript illustrations of the twelfth century. 

Andrei was going to take it upon himself to be dastardly.  Was.

Jun cockblocked him.  I forgot what she wanted, tbh. 

Artyom took it upon himself to take the reins of Andrei’s diabolical machinations.

The sick thing is, Jun interrupted her queue to bitch about being tired.  Andrei was denied the glory for NOTHING.

…. you are a troll.


Agnes pilfered Robert’s leg!

… a literal “You snooze, you lose” scenario.  I felt bad.  … and then I admired the animal-like depravity here.  This is why nearly all my animal sims are Kleptomaniacs.  xD

As she stole Robert’s food…

Jun and Artyom both stole random patrons’ laundry.

… the couple that steals together… >_>;

killianspoptarts  asked:

aaaah your little pirates 'verse is so perfect!! is it possible to write a fic when har, res, and beth walk in on emma and killian doing.......y'know.... ;)?

Thank you for the compliments darling. I’m so glad you enjoy my little series and for being so patient while I worked on this and got my life back together. As a reward, I give you 3,700+ of mildly rated M goodness involving Killian and Emma being interrupted by little pirates while pursuing more enjoyable activities. Not entirely smut, because I’m rusty in regards to my adultish writing, but definitely a bit naughty. (thanks again @welllpthisishappening for reading bits of this and giving me feedback. You are my compass and I am lost without you.) Available on AO3 here: [LINK]

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…. he’s a musical sort.  This is a known quantity.  Don’t look so freaked out.  xD

There is more laundry to rip out wet and toss on the floor.

No one cares about wet laundry.

But Artyom did get forty bucks from Jun for his playing.  … which seems kinda bizarre and slightly whorish, tbh.

This game makes no sense.  That’s also a known quantity.  xD

I’m nearly crying about Shane at 2am again bc like… he thought you proposing to him could have been part of an elaborate prank?? 


Tease Pt.1

Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Bias x reader
Genre: Fanfic
Category: Smut[Two-shots]
Word Count: 1791

It’s been almost three months since you last saw him.He has been really busy these past few months with their world concert tour.Saying you miss him is an understatement, you wanted to see him, you needed to see him.And finally the long wait is now over, glancing at the wall clock, you know he’ll come home in any minute now.

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