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I Missed You

Jungkook x Reader 

Genre: fluffy(?) smut

Warnings: Nothing too bad I promise– Swearing, blowjob, some hand stuff, and he says the word babygirl a few times.

Word Count:  2.5k 

When you’re 18, nothing is supposed to go your way. You’re supposed to struggle through life with no money, no sleep, and no social life until you’re welcomed into adulthood and things finally start to look up for you. This isn’t how things went for me at all. I was lucky enough to move to a foreign country, get a steady job, and get an incredible boyfriend, all fresh outta high school.

I’m currently going to school in South Korea for Communications. Within the first month of me moving here from America, I was able to land a job at Big Hit Entertainment as a Korean-English translator. I’m still not sure how I got the job but I wasn’t about to complain. They told me upon my arrival that I would be working with Big Hit’s biggest idol group: BTS. I became fast friends with all seven of them and even more than friends with one of them.

I’m currently dating Korean superstar Jeon Jungkook.

He’s incredibly sweet and passionate and I’ve never felt so in love with someone in my entire life. It was nice because, since we worked for the same company, we had fairly similar schedules. This meant that we also understood that the other has a super busy schedule. I was going to school full time and had a job and he… well… he was a Korean idol.

These last couple weeks have been nothing but work, work, work for both of us. Our usually similar schedules couldn’t seem to match up. He has performances and press conferences, and fan signs. I had meeting after meeting after meeting. Today, we were in Japan for a performance and a fansign, plus, I was in a Skype meeting all day with some American people who want to organize an American tour. I haven’t seen his face in person in over two days. I’m beginning to get a little restless because of it.

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