valley blvd

It’s not every day that you get to see some work by Banksy up close and personal. I’ve spent many years in the San Fernando Valley, hiding in the shadows of the mountains that surround it. Like a neighbor to a raging frat party, valley dwellers are always out of the loop. Those ritzy mountains that seclude the valley from the city act as a shelter; blocking anything that note-worthy form coming into the valley. But knowing that such artistic icons such as Banksy have made a point to visit the valley (and leave his mark) sheds a beam of hope on the good ol SF Valley. Maybe he just came to out here to grab a burger from Stout, the neighboring building. Either way, I must say I feel a little honored to have ran into a piece of his work. I hope to see some more..

Just came back from a Chinese reflexology massage. It hurts so good, I didn’t know whether to scream in pain or pleasure. All I want to do now is sleep. One day I will have enough money to get a massage every week. Everything feels so amazing, especially my feet. All the parts that hurt the most, like my feet or weirdly painful spots on my head, feel wonderful. Thank goodness for all the random massage places on Valley. Friday night was totally hopping. There was a long line of people waiting for excruciatingly painful massages!


i never noticed how many cars there were at night before the power outage. also never noticed how dark it really gets with all the power being out. shoot with 5dmk2 w/ 135mm f/2l