not 2 be overdramatic but when J ValJ sings “another story must begin” , rips up his yellow ticket in time to the string and horn beats, then throws the pieces in the moment of nothingness and then your entire soul is suspended in that silence cause u know in 1 second everything is about 2 change then suddenly the waterfall strings of At the End of the Day burst through the silence like a man gasping for air moments after nearly drowning combined with a holy chorus of seraphim ushering in the end of days, is maybe one of the best parts of les mis


Some of the favourite Ukrainian athletes of modern times [dedicated to my 600+ followers and to me since it’s already my birthday in my time zone]


nothing, I repeat NOTHING compares to the feeling of utter gut wrenching, chest smashing grief of watching JVJ die……it’s so fun to love the Amis and experience the euphoria of Do U Hear the Ppl Sing and let yourself believe for a moment that les miser-fucking-ables is about those kids and their passion for freedom BUT LOOK, ValJ out lives them all and once you arrive at the finish line of the EPILOGUE, once you’ve dragged yourself through the sadness of Fantine and Eponine and Gavroche and the Amis, and then YOU HEAR IT?? The DAMN REPRISE of Fantines death, WITH THE SLOW MOURNFUL OBOE THAT ECHOES MY WEEPING and “Now you are here….” begins and suddenly you just FUCKING REMEMBER JEAN VALJEAN and how we started with him two hours ago, angry and bitter and shaking his fist at the world and NOW WE ARE HERE watching a man who has overcome so much, DYING, watching a man who changes himself, who knew he couldn’t fix the whole world and decided to focus on just one woman, and then just one child’s happiness FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE 

And you’re just sitting there in your seat, watching him die

and you think, with the hazy cloud of tears in your eyes and that damn melody echoing in your ears, that Les Miserables is about him, it’s about Jean Valjean. And how he loved so damn much. AND THEN IT HAPPENS. FANTINE IS THERE AND SO IS EPONINE AND HE STANDS UP AND HIS BLANKET COMES OFF AND HE’S HALOED IN WHITE LIGHT AND YOU KNOW HE’S GONE and then those fuckers say it……. the entire point of les Mis

To love another person is to see the face of God

and it’s over. You’re DONE. TEARS. because damnit, they’re right. And somehow SOMEHOW grief is suddenly replaced by some kind of pure redemptive light in your chest—no your SOUL—and it’s back ……..Do u hear the ppl sing.


nothing compares to the feeling of true, complete, overwhelming, bitter sweet, utter PEACE of knowing that Valjean’s life is over and that his fucking love that came from the Bishop and touched Fantine’s life and Cosette’s and Marius’ and even javert’s is gonna continue to live throughout the rest of TIME AND SPACE and even

live through you too

what a fucking show. damnit. Shit. Ain’t nothing like it my dudes


Olena Pidhrushna, Valj and Vita Semerenko and Juliya Dzhyma won just the second Winter Olympics gold medal in Ukrainian history in the women’s biathlon relay. In the midst of Ukraine’s greatest political crisis since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, these four women rose up at the Olympics on Friday with one of the country’s greatest sporting triumphs.