valjean at last we see each other plain

So there are these two guys I go to school with who went to high school together and played Valjean and Javert in their high school’s production of Les Mis.

Today in choir, “Valjean” was going to sing for the choir, and he starts out with his guitar and starts doing “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles.

He gets maybe one verse in when “Javert” bursts through the door with “Valjean at last we see each other plain….”


And then at the end they stare at each other before saying “This is dumb…why are we fighting….?”

And then the two pick up with the rest of “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. 

It was possibly one of the greatest things in the history of ever.

And the best part is that I was one of the only people who knew what would happen, because I walked in on them rehearsing and lay on the floor and played Fantine post mortem.

me in a job interview
  • interviewer: So what would you say your personal goals for the future are?
  • me: To be able to sing the confrontation from les miserables while doing the parts for both Jean Valjean and Javert simultaneously
  • interviewer: ....
  • interviewer: Well, you're clearly someone who can dream big.
  • me: thanks