Raw Notes: My Bunked “Overthinking It” Video

Last year in September, back when the Trespasser DLC was fresh in our minds, I was fueled with crazy theories. In the back of my mind, I could not sort my brain out what I thought about Dragon Age, but I basically typed down everything I could to possibly make sense of it. Well…to no avail. That’s why I’m posting all of it.

For fun, let’s embarrass myself a bit and show how much chaotic thought goes through my head when I think of Dragon Age. Or used to. Good times.

For the curious, after the jump are my absolutely jumbled, incoherent thoughts for an “Overthinking It” video that never came to life, that would have been called “The Soul’s Blank Slate”.

Main Points that I would have addressed in this video

  • Souls never die unless they are joined by blood. Then, they’re subject to flesh.
  • Souls are memory wiped every time they died, and restored into borrowed bodies.
  • Souls follow the Conservation of Energy, where energy cannot be neither created nor destroyed, and a soul will simply transition from one form to another. However, the Void is the only thing that can disrupt and…void…that.
  • The magic of the Fade and beyond is boundless. Blood magic is finite. Once you depend on blood, it’s literally “magical castration”. However, while you’re alive, the power of blood is limitless and malleable. (Think Black Holes)
  • Time compression? (I never really said yes or no to this idea, but Shaper Valta and her situation is a stubborn thing to wrap your head around.)

(Note: This is a VERY LONG POST underneath. Also don’t do raw lyrium, folks. Tis bad for you.)

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