if u see a post about potential ways to make dean’s bisexuality canon and your response is “but i’d hate this because cas isn’t involved :(((” then u can bibbity bop the fuck on out of here


"Olivia. I’m thinking about it. It’s all I’ve been thinking about. And I’m afraid. I’m afraid because I’ve made this mistake before. I betrayed the Olivia that I love. But what I’m really afraid of is… when I look into your eyes, I know it’s you. I know it’s you."

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day six - favorite season four moment

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It's okay to be trans and still use they/them pronouns, right? Somebody was commenting on how that invalidates the "amount of trans" and now I'm doubting my validity a bit..

Haruka says:

it is absolutely okay. the concept of being trans “enough” is a nonbinary erasing + transphobic concept anyway. if you do not identify as the sex you were assigned at birth, you are trans. and no one has the right to invalidate you. 


Kdrama Women’s Week || Four of Seven || Favorite Female Leads

Go Byung Hee - What’s Up, Fox? | Go Eun Chan - Coffee Prince | Cha Bong Soon - Me Too, Flower! | Lee Soo Kyung - Let’s Eat! | Jang Hye Sun - I Hear Your Voice | Go Dok Mi - Flower Boy Next Door | Oh Hye Won - Secret Love Affair | Kang Yoo Na - Yoo Na’s Street | Kim Il Ri - Valid Love | Cha Hong Do - Heart to Heart

Who is better suited than me? / I feel like a wreck, but I’ve done all the things that I want to / At any price that I want to / At any price [x]


I was less sad today and looked great, and someone told me I was a great actress in “that Jesus play” so I guess I’ll chalk today up as a win. (she) and shout out to @lilmelody for the tights, she’s the best

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I identify as Gender Neutral, only because I don't feel like I should be defined by gender. I don't consider my self bigender or agender. But someone recently told me that you can't identify as Gender Neutral just because it is very nonspecific. That made me very uncomfortable. Do you agree with them?

Ren says:

Heavens no! If gender neutral is the way you identify, then you bet your buns it’s your gender, 100%. It’s true that many folks choose to identify as something more specific than gender neutral, but that doesn’t make your gender any less worthy of respect and acknowledgment. <3

i) “what fucked you up so bad?”
my baby is a masterpiece of bones and skin and I bet if I cracked him open he would bleed the colour of lonely, the colour of dad doesn’t come home on the weekends anymore, the colour of my brother is getting taller and I am getting more and more afraid, the colour of every time mom comes home from church she leaves the door unlocked and a sunday with the doors open might as well be a thursday spent alone at the bar
ii) “why are you so angry?”
my baby is a bad dreamer, nightmares where I leave him and where he loses the fights that he battles every day in his head, nightmares black and somber that smell like failing tests and crying in class, nightmares where your friends forget to invite you out to the party, where she comes back again and again and forgets to love you every time
iii) “do you like poetry?”
I can’t keep pushing our beds together every single night because he feels like we each need our own. I can’t pretend that I like when he gets drunk off of eight dollar bottles of wine and seventy dollar bottles of tequila and screams her name.
iv) “have you ever been in love?”
I forget that before I called him mine you called him baby. for two years he lost himself in your curly hair and your bubblegum lips and your eyes that look like the way the sun reflects off water in the early morning and you drowned a part of him there. you rusted his armour with your acidic love and your mouth like a harp string. you fucked him up so bad that we’ve been together for eight months and he won’t even call the bed “ours”.
—  a letter to my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend aka how to deal with commitment issues aka 4 things you should ask before letting yourself fall in love

hypersexual disorder gets little to no recognition as a mental illness cuz it’s literally the OPPOSITE of cute in the eyes of lil teens on tumblr, it was nice to see a mention in that post…

neurotypicals please read + internalize that its really important. not just for one single disorder but all of them

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Demisexuality is a prime example of special snowflake syndrome. It is not valid. It is not real. Most importantly, if you identify as "demisexual", you are not valid. Stop begging for lgbtqa+ inclusion. You. Are. Not. Valid.

Demisexuality falls under the Asexual umbrella.

The “A” in the LGBTQA+ stands for Asexuality.

Demisexuality IS a valid sexuality.

Given, a lot of heterosexuals only use it to feel special and included, but so do a lot of heterosexuals fake being gay and lesbian or lie saying that they’re bisexuals just because it’s “trendy” and “cool.” These people exist (I’ve met quite a couple of those) but that doesn’t make any of the other sexualities less valid or unreal.

Also, I never asked for inclussion, I asked for recognition.