Guys, I love Adam Driver/Kylo Ren to death, but please stop saying that the “racist” statements against him are just as bad as the actually debilitating and racist statements made against John Boyega/Finn.

They’re not.

And they never will be.

When you are “racist” against a white person, you hurt their feelings. When you are racist against a black person, you hurt their livelihood.

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[[ Image Description: A photo featuring a fluffy, young calico lying on the armrest of a couch, looking at the viewer, with a post on it by user @rebelpadme.

The post reads: “a person or character can have multiple mental illnesses and/or disabilities at the same time

a person or character can have multiple mental illnesses and/or disabilities at the same time

a person or character can have multiple mental illnesses and/or disabilities at the same time” ]]


{1/100}•{100 Days of Productivity}

I don’t have pretty macro notes, but they definitely get the job done! I’m going to start this challenge in order to 1.) commemorate that I’m working harder this year than I ever have before and 2.) make an effort to post more on this studyblr! I hope you guys enjoy :)

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Mum I had a girlfriend & we were crushing on each other at the same time but like I'm lithromantic (maybe aro idk) so all my attraction faded when she said "tbh I've liked you since November" but I feel bad and broken broken bc of my probably aro ass

u aren’t broken babe some people just can’t peruse that kind of thing, and it’s fine

turnt tuesday

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Do you think the Clexa story is being played out at a realistic pace? I know you said you were worried about it progressing too quickly.

well when i first heard about the spoilers for 304 (which was like around the time 302 aired) i was a little concerned about how they would make that jump so quickly but the bow was easily the biggest and best thing they could’ve possibly done. it was a huge turning point for them and definitely a huge step in the right direction. so yeah, i do believe it’s being well-written so far, and no red flags have been raised.

fuck, i might have to change my dissertation because i can’t get enough participants

i don’t suppose i have any trans followers who would be open to being interviewed over skype about media representation?

basically i’m in my final year of a psychology BSc doing my research study, and in the current literature there’s very few studies on transgender representation in the media that actually focus on real trans people, their actual opinions and experiences, which seems like it should be the key focus. so i’m trying to do participant-lead interviews about the current state of trans representation and what media representation means to them personally, and it was looking like i wouldn’t have any issues, but scheduling conflicts between when i need my data by and when the interviews were viable for the organisation i was going to work with meant my current plans have fallen through.

i only need 4-5 people now, participant confidentiality would be key (pseudonyms would be used, there’d be no way to identify you from the data gathered, and any other concerns or needs any participants might have would happily be catered for), the interviews are expected to take about 30-45 minutes but as a token of appreciation for the interviewees giving their time to the aid study anyone who completes it would get a £5 ($7) amazon gift voucher

if anyone is interested at all or has any questions please get in touch at

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Validation for Glunkus...?

Glunkus, I know you sometimes get a lot of hate from your fandom, but I think you’re a swell kitty, and I would be happy to collect you any day. Your experiences and your kintype are valid, and it would benefit you to ignore any haters and naysayers. They don’t know you, so they don’t have a right to judge you. I believe in you, but more importantly, you need to believe in yourself.



I just uploaded a new YouTube video for all you saplings out there looking to grow. I went in-depth on “validation”, and how seeking it in people and objects is dangerous. I believe with the advent of social media that this is one of the most culturally relevant videos I’ve ever made. To God be the glory.

Grace and peace,
Kaelin Edwards

     — ngl i really wish they would have gone with this concept art look for kylo. it makes him look a lot more ‘warrior’ than ‘sith lord’, and i think that fits. people keep mistaking him for being a sith lord like the previous dark side villains when he’s not, and i guarantee a lot of that is because of the visual cues of those black robes. he’s not a sith lord, even i feel like he’d consider the basic tenements of the sith code as true.

he’s not a sith, he’s not even a real lord, he’s an attack dog. he’s snoke’s apprentice, sure, but snoke has no loyalty towards him, no care or faith. as soon as he saw someone who might be more powerful than kylo (rey) he instantly started scheming on how to replace kylo if rey did turn out to be stronger. 

he’s an attack dog and he doesn’t even know it. not consciously, at least.

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I feel like I'm kin with Amethyst from SU but I'm a trans boy and I'm uncomfortable with female pronouns? But I vividly remember Rose Quarts comforting me and stuff and me and Garnets having nice conversations

Even though you’re a different gender from the Amethyst we know from the show, you are still Amethyst, and your identity is valid. It’s sweet that you remember your gem friends caring for you, and if you ever start to miss them, just remember that they are always with you, and so is the rest of our community. You’re not alone, and we love you. :3


If people treated omnivores the way they treated bisexuals

“Omnivores don’t exist”

“Omnivores are selfish”

“Being an omnivore is just a phase, you’ll figure out if you’re a carnivore or a herbivore when you’re older.” 

“Oh, you’re eating leaves for dinner? Guess that means you’re a herbivore today.”

“They’re not an omnivore. They just don’t like labels when it comes to what they eat.” 

“You like meat better than plants? Guess that makes you a carnivore.”

“You’re only an omnivore because you want attention.”