valid parts of season four:

  • the group hug
  • lance saying, “razzle dazzle!”
  • the entirety of episode two…i love episode two. episode two can come into my house and kill me and i’d say thanks
  • “for narti.”
  • THE LAST PARTS OF EPISODE SIX…lance’s speech to allura…allura saving the day…allura thanking lance and lance telling her that she was the hero and the heart of voltron…feels good feels nice feels organic
  • hunk, matt, and pidge being Science Bros™
  • the kaltenecker milking scene
  • all the lady galra !!

and everything else is invalid as FUCK thanks for coming to my ted talk

dentist: open up 

will byers: well this bitch ass shadow monster inhabited my body once 

@ all boys/men who are coming to terms with the fact that maybe they’re not completely straight: i see you and i love you more than i can say. your attraction to other boys/men is not inherently gross or dirty or bad, and i promise that you’ll find safe places and people. you are amazing and valid and deserve all the good in this world.

when I was in grade 10 & 11, I couldn’t write to save my life, I’d get between 45 & 60% on my essays. at this time in my life I was not on medication for ADHD because I wasn’t diagnosed.

i just graduated in June 2017, during my grade 12 year I was diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication. My marks in English went from the 45-60% average up to 80-90% average.

the reason why I didn’t talk to a doctor about it sooner- i thought ADHD was just being hyper. i had no idea that it could also have the “inattentive” side to it.

October is ADHD awareness month. Please, please take a moment to talk about it or even share a post on social media. ADHD is not just being hyperactive. It’s so much more than that

ADHD Awareness

What is ADHD? - It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can affect anyone, no matter your age or gender. 

ADHD is not just being hyperactive- it is actually broken down into three parts

Hyperactive -  This can include, fidgeting, talking too much/out of turn, you’re often “on the go”, running or climbing at inappropriate times, impulse decisions etc.

Inattentive - This can include, not paying attention to detail, making careless mistakes, being distracted and forgetful, not being able to understand or follow instructions, impulse decisions etc

Combined Type - This type is one of the more common types, it’s a combination of both the hyperactive and inattentive types

ADHD can affect memory, and can cause poor emotional control, this is especially common with the inattentive type. 

What is RSD? - Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) is extremely common with ADHD. It causes us to have unexplained and often irrational emotions (angry, depressed, etc) when we feel misunderstood or rejected. It typically happens instantly. For example: A close friend or relative asks you to stop clicking your pen, and you start uncontrollably crying right after they ask you to stop. These feelings are often incredibly intense, debilitating, and painful

Medication - Many people may be put on medication for their ADHD. It may help, or it might not. Medication is not for everyone. Some people find that fidgeting or stimming helps more, and others find that therapy appointments are more beneficial

ADHD affects your school performance, your overall mental health, relationships with others, and so much more. ADHD is not just about being hyperactive. ADHD is real and valid.