Self aware autistics

Just because I wasn’t self aware doesn’t mean that all autistics are like that. Self aware autistics KNOW that somethings different with them. They KNOW that they aren’t like their classmates. They NEED answers. They NEED a diagnosis. Just because they’re self aware does NOT mean that they aren’t autistic. They are just as autistic as I am. A professionally diagnosed autistic. Self awareness is NOT proof of someone not being autistic.

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Hi! Apologies in advance if you've spoke on this prior to this question but I was wondering yall's opinion on this concept that people who identify with Wicca aren't valid. I've been seeing more and more people touting the "Traditional" witch label who speaking negatively about Wicca/Wiccans and even the "Witchblr" community in general.

Hello Anon,

I want to thank you for bringing this to our attention, because honestly this is a pet peeve of mine and I know Nessa shares the same opinion. People who gate keep (or try and essentially bully) people based on their opinions and push/ force these ideals onto others. 

Irritate me to my very core. (Fuck those people)

To anyone who’s had to deal with this kind of chaos in one form of another: You are fucking VALID

  • Wiccans are VALID
  • Witches of all kinds are VALID
  • Witches from all paths are VALID
  • Witches in fucking general are VALID
  • LGBT+ / LGBTQIA+ Witches are VALID

I have big issues with people wanting to force their ideas/ feelings and ideologies onto others. Leave people alone, stop trying to tell others how to run their life or practice. This kind of stuff is absolutely immature and childish, it’s just another form of people making their stupid niches/clicks and trying to make people feel bad JUST because they fucking can. Why is this still a thing? Seriously, its 2018, you’d think common sense would be more wide spread. Fucks sake guys…. This shouldn’t even be a topic of conversation in the Witchcraft community. 

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If you are going to start gate keeping people based on how you feel, you need to brew some reality-check tea and drink it pipping hot!

On this blog:

  • We support Wiccans
  • We support Witches of all kinds
  • We support Pagans
  • We support people and respect their religions / spiritual journeys. 
  • We support people 
  • We support LGBTQ+ / LGBTQIA+
  • We support good people in fucking general
  • We support people respecting others 

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If you are someone who feels that:

  •  Wiccans aren’t valid 
  • Witches of color aren’t valid
  • Witches who don’t practice what you practice aren’t valid
  • Witches that practice non-typical beliefs aren’t valid
  • Witches who don’t follow any one specific practice aren’t valid
  • Witches who do whatever they fucking want aren’t valid

Then feel free to unfollow and keep your extremely WRONG opinion to yourself.

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becoming conscious n aware of performative actions n habits it’s lifechanging but can also feel so stifling like. having to take a step back and realize that So Much is what you are used to was just to pose for someone else? makes you feel like you can’t do anything, but really it’s just testing your authenticity. what here are you doing for yourself? the things you say, the things you post, the things you hint at. is it just because you hope They see? be real with yourself. what is the point?

am i allowed to mention how rose meeting thirteen would be an incredibly emotional moment both in the sense rose is finally reunited with the doctor, her soulmate, after so long and in the sense of the confusion and “little” heartbreak of not seeing ten’s face because even if she was prepared for it not being him, she still expected it to be him, there was always Hope? or like… am i not allowed to mention that?