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with ramadan starting tomorrow i just wanted to take a moment out to remind ALL queer muslims that you are valid, you are not haraam, and there is nothing wrong with who you are as a person. Allah (SWT) loves us because He made us. don’t let anyone make you think differently. you’re beautiful inside & out and during this ramadan, remind yourself that He will not turn His back on you because you aren’t heterosexual/cisgender. stay safe, happy, and healthy this ramadan & i hope lots of blessings come your way.


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hi everyone !!! so me n camille @galaxydnp have decided to host a self improvement meetup !!

what it is:

  • a time to express how u have improved urself so far this year 
    • art
    • writing
    • music
    • sports
    • mental health
    • appearance
    • blog
    • anything bab !! u can do multiple of these at once too ofc !!!!
  • a way to spread positivity and encourage others to keep growing
  • basically, sweet validation of ur self development

how to participate:

  • reblog this so it doesn’t flop lol
  • post a selfie, drawing, textpost, anything
  • under #self improvement phandom meetup and #phandom meetup 
  • no h8ers tolerated

when and where:

  • saturday, june third
  • 11 am pst / 2 pm est / 6 pm gmt
  • if ure not in any of those google can convert it for ya

thanks to everyone who participates and/or reblogs ! we r very excited :’)