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If you think that you're such a liability, why not just kill yourself?

“Because Ian would have to kill me all over again.”  

Sometimes she wished she could go out that honorably but she had fought too long and too hard to throw it away just yet.  But she wouldn’t put her friends or the people that love her through that until she felt there was no other option.

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You buried your face in the blankets during share time at the party, and your posts as of tonight have brought up the question. But I don't know if I've ever actually asked you, are you bi or just gay? Or something other than one of those two? Perhaps you like the pans...

I just don’t like saying it because it’s so ambiguous. It’s basically just turned into “oh no they’re hot”. I’m…a third straight? I don’t even know…

Can someone from Supernatural just say once and for all why we will or won’t be getting any Destiel? Like, is it some big secret? Are you afraid you’re going to break your fanbase? I’m not sure if you’re noticed, but we’re actually extremely resilient and can take it no matter what the answer is…we just don’t wanna be strung along. Seriously. 

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do you have any other friends within the Medjai aside from Ardeth?

Send my muse anons about their relationships.

{– It’s actually quite a valid question for though the basics of the Medjai way and their history is known, the friendships are kept silent; for good reason. “Yes.” There’s a very brief nod of her head as gentle smile crosses her features. “I do have a few friendships within the Medjai. Some of us often butt heads, though I imagine it’s understandable given the close knit family we have to become in order to serve the purpose we hold.” Anai is silent for a moment as she debates her next thought, lick coming to her bottom lip.

The smile grows as the female warrior thinks back to the friendships that she holds, “Adila is perhaps my closest friend next yo the Chieftain.” And there’s a large amount of truth behind it, for if she isn’t on a mission or scouting? She’s usually with the other female. “Though she is not a fellow warrior, her purpose in healing is just as important as anyone else’s. I value her a great deal.”}