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Maybe it’s because I’m tired of hearing this over and over and over again but….y'know what? Have your shitty writing and your straight privilege ‘oh I’m so clever’ songs and your token gays.

Because I have watched hours of Supergirl but I have spent _days_ reading fanfiction. Seen a trailer or two but countless fan vids and art. The words and images that move me don’t belong to you.

The Lena who supports both Kara and supergirl, she belongs to us.

The Kara who tries so hard to be gentle when she kisses Lena belongs to us

The Kara who brings lunch, who worries about revealing her identity, and the Lena who freaks out over meeting the family and waits patiently for her to tell her, belong to us.

We have created not just one world but thousands, not the Supergirl we were given but the one we deserve. And when the series ends, it won’t be the episodes I remember but the community, the people who loved the characters and their story so much that they created all of this, not for ad revenue or a line on their resume, but for each other.

I didn’t start shipping supercorp for the cast, and I won’t stop shipping because of the cast.

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For the last ask, k****************n used to be a blog I visited for almost a year. Idk what the hell was wrong with me but it was really unhealthy and I had a bad mentality :/ until I got bored of the blog and realised the blog was cancerous and dumb and made it seem as if us black girls needed validation to the point where we think that if dean breathes close to a chocolate girl he's already written his wedding vows. If anyone follows that blog I suggest you rethink your values.

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Sorry for bringing more discourse but I'm begging you can y'all please stop using 'pedophile' in cases where its not applicable like I didn't go through trauma that fucked me up drastically just for it to be trivialized in order to give people validation points because it's a scary word they use to insult others, like do y'all realize how triggering and harmful it can be to csa survivors? Unhealthy relationships are a thing, just use that wording or something please

ah, okay, sorry.

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i totally get the excitement as someone who's Vietnamese and grew up w/ a lot of internalized racism largely bc of white media, but isn't it wrong to have a Vietnamese actor play a Korean person? Is it really good representation if it's actively erasing the actual ethnicity of the character (by a Korean author, no less), who should rightly be played by an actor of her actual ethnicity? This isn't an attack or anything, & sorry if this is raining on the parade--just wanted to get your opinion!

no yeah totally great and valid point!! i completely understand everyone’s qualms about having a vietnamese actress playing the role of a korean girl because it does in fact perpetuate the whole notion of “all asians are the same” when really asian americans are comprised of multiple, diverse, and distinct ethnicities, not just one.

(in all honesty, part of me feels like they chose lana because she’s already got a foot in the industry with her role in x-men so she’ll garner more exposure for the movie)

but we are still so far from where we should be in terms of representation in the media that i think the fact that we are getting a teen romantic comedy movie featuring a main asian american cast at all is an incredibly monumental step for asian americans. from my perspective, the asian american community still shares a certain identity, no matter our specific ethnicities, that binds our experiences together.

of course, i’m not trying to equate the cultural experiences of a vietnamese american with those of a korean american (and please let me know if you find any of my opinions offensive) but i feel like we also have to take into account the story being told. lara jean’s story is not about her half-korean identity; it’s about her first love. how i’ve always seen it was that jenny han was trying to prove to the world that asian americans can have modern, everyday love stories too – we’re not some “exotic” group confined to kung fu and manga and period dramas.

we see the characters make that same point too. lara jean has an “asians only” rule when dressing up for halloween (not specifically “koreans only”); margot encourages LJ to join an asian american organization in college (not specifically a korean organization). i think this speaks to the fact that while our cultures may differ, our experiences as asian americans in white america are in fact plenty similar. lara jean may connect with her family and her mom through her distinctly korean roots (as seen with her references to korean food and of course traveling to korea with her sisters and grandmother) but her experiences in everyday life (that pushed her to choose to only dress up as asian characters, for example) pertain to the wider asian american experience.

so yes, acknowledge the issues when it comes to casting a different asian ethnicity for an asian american character, especially when production is made of primarily non-asian people (i think neither the director nor screenwriter is asian?). but also i think it’s important as a community to encourage and support asian american actors in all types of roles because we need white people to realize that our presence in major roles can be successful. the success of asian americans in film and television means more roles will be written for us, which in turn will give asian americans the option to actually choose to play a character of their ethnicity rather than settle for one that’s close enough.

idk i’m sorry if i seem biased in this situation because i am in fact vietnamese and so seeing my favorite book character being played by someone of my ethnicity (one in which it’s rare to find prominent actors) is a kind of special that’s difficult to put into words. i really don’t mean to condone erasing lara jean’s korean identity; i just feel like we have so much more out there in the media to fight for as a community that again, it’s important that we support these asian american actors anyway. 

i remember when ki hong lee played a vietnamese character on unbreakable kimmy schmidt and i was furious because ki hong is korean not vietnamese and it felt like once again, hollywood didn’t give a shit about us and just needed an asian dude to fill the (VERY RACIST) role. i also remember that, despite all of that, i was honestly overjoyed that ki hong was essentially a main supporting character of a very popular show. i was so proud to see him on that screen and i knew that the exposure would allow him better opportunities for better roles (and also i just love ki hong in general).

tbh idek what point i was trying to make with this abominably long reply (kudos to you if you read this whole thing lol i just have a lot of feelings about asian american representation). i guess what i’m trying to say is: to my korean friends out there, you are 100% justified in feeling angry about the casting choice, but i’m asking you as a fellow asian american to please consider being supportive anyway of a vietnamese american actress playing the main character of this very important movie

like whatever the validity of the point you’re making where do you get off thinking that you get to call women ‘nasty bitches’ in any circumstance. leave

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I agreed with your post about Jumin, I thought everyone was too harsh with him. But on the other hand, he brought at least some of it upon himself? He's my favourite, but he constantly acts just as insensitive towards other people ("here Jaehee work to death" "Fuck u Zen ur unprofessional for being allergic to cats" "Is this how commoners live?" Etc). So on a certain level, I understand why they gang up on him for the things he CONSTANTLY ADVERTISES, even if I disagree with it.

Oh, yeah, of course! That’s why I mentioned that he has, indeed, had his fair share of saying things he shouldn’t. I think the comments about “commoners” can sometimes be just ignorance? And I’m not excusing anything he’s said at all because you made valid points. But he did (as the RFA continuously reminds us) grow up in a different environment so that might be where the things about “commoners” come from…? I think..? On a certain level..? Otherwise though, yeah, he has made quite a few comments that I don’t agree with and that I feel were deserving of a “calling out”. They’ve all done shit I don’t exactly like, BUT, I still like them as people, nonetheless! 

It is so weird to be a millennial these days.  You grow up with history telling you Nazis were 100% horrible. Movies tell you Nazis were 100% horrible: (Thank God they got their faces melted off when they opened the ark of the covenant.) But now many of the older generation (the ones who stopped the Nazis in the first place) are like: “Eh, they’re still entitled to their opinions. Shades of grey. They have, um, valid points? Sorta.”


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So if an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie does get made, there’s three different settings it could have, each with its own pros and cons

Option one: Pre-Phantom Menace, during Obi-Wan’s apprenticeship


  • Would be Obi-Wan’s least stressful canon apperance
  • Qui-Gon
  • Mace Windu
  • Could move Xanatos from the EU into canon
  • Squishy baby face teenager Jedi
  • No Jar-Jar
  • Palpatine’s dickishness is all firmly backstage; if it’s even involved at all


  • Ewan Mcgregor can’t play teenage Obi-Wan
  • No Anakin
  • No Ahsoka
  • No Padme
  • No R2-D2 or C3-PO

Option two: During Anakin’s apprenticeship, in the ten year timeskip between TPM and AOTC


  • Ewan can and would play Obi-Wan
  • Anakin’s wonderous adventures in the early/mid teen years
  • Parenting hijinks
  • Mace Windu
  • Perfect opportunity to give some canon elaboration on normal Jedi life, as that has literally never happened beyond tidbits here and there
  • Plot could be Obi-Wan obliviously fucking over Palpatine’s repeated attempts to assassinate him, and almost pushing Palpatine into a stress aneurysm because how the hell does Obi-Wan not even notice the assassination attempts what the fuck


  • Qui-Gon is dead
  • It’s all downhill from here
  • Still no Padme, considering she’s specifically stated to not interact with the other two until AOTC
  • Still no Ahsoka
  • We have to look at Palpatine being trusted and respected by the Republic and know that there won’t be a happy resolution for a good 20-30 years and I mean even then oh my god

Option three: Set it during the time skip between ROTS and ANH


  • Still Ewan Mcgregor
  • It makes perfect sense for Ahsoka to be involved
  • It makes perfect sense for Bail to show up as well
  • We might actually get to see Breha Organa
  • Small child Luke! Small child Leia! Both viable cameos!
  • Rebellion era, meaning the overall tone of the movie would be ‘fuck the establishment, fuck the government, fuck fascism’ which are very positive messages that should be sent these days
  • Qui-Gon’s ghostly hijinks
  • Darth Vader


  • This is the saddest possible Kenobi
  • Oh my god it’s so sad
  • The Jedi are dead and everything is painful
  • …Darth Vader
  • Oh my god it would be so sad
  • The title would probably have to be ‘Obi-Wan’s Adventures in Crushing Depression and Toppling Governments: A Star Wars Story
  • Seriously it would be like Rogue One but worse because we already know how fucked Obi-Wan is and oh my god
  • Star Wars is a family franchise but the setting would just feel wrong if Obi-Wan didn’t yell fuck at some point. lets face it he’s earned it.

Conclusion: Make an Obi-Wan trilogy. Don’t let George Lucas write the dialogue.

so, there’s this guy. he’s a cop– ex-cop, actually. very tall and VERY good looking. turquoise eyes that just gaze deep into your soul. he likes to help people. he’s witty - oh, he’s witty! he has these intense scars, too, but god, they make him look so handsome! and he has these tattoos across his face – i know that sounds weird, but trust me, they look good!

you pictured him, didn’t you?

literally anki - @softestisak - just made such a VALID point rn when i was talking to her,

we saw sana yesterday with even and isak, and even though even and isak were being affectionate and pda-ing, they were never FORCING that onto sana? sana still felt like herself around even and isak? she was smiling, being her sarcastic little self and teasing them both and having such easy going banter with them? she was smiling, she was glowing, she was all sparkly eyes and animated facial expressions and just - so happy? 

and then with the girls? all of a sudden she’s just … been feeling so … left out? the topic of sex just feels so FORCED when it’s discussed within the girl squad that its highkey making sana just feel so uncomfortable, and distanced? like … she’s been friends with these girls longer than she has with isak (and even less with even), but she feels excluded with the girls. like, what is her place right now in that dynamic? where does she stand? 

and i think it’s such a powerful little thing, how, even sana and isak - 3 people who have faced and know it is like to face social exclusion based on stereotypes and labelling and prejudice - those 3 have that in common between them - and they could form such a STRONG and BEAUTIFUL friendship, where there is nothing but acceptance and understanding. a safe and warm place to call your own.