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“What’s going on?”

“I’ve learned to just roll with it.”

My first official Kristanna piece! I have always wanted to do one. I just couldn’t………until now.

I hope you guys like this. I didn’t know which scene I was going to draw, but this just stuck.

This ship is so dear to my heart. Kristanna forever!

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Frozen © Disney

Art © Goldwerewolf

Ref: Frozen movie still

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Prom Night || Closed RP



Although the two were best friends, Anna couldn’t deny the fact that she had some sort of feelings for Kristoff. It was prom night, and since Anna and Kristoff couldn’t seem to find anyone else to go with, they’d decided to go together— as friends, of course. 

Anna had spent the entire evening attempting to look her best. Her sister had helped her pick out a dress; a long, flowing pink gown that looked absolutely amazing on her, or so Elsa tried to convince her. Normally, her hair was in two long braids, but for the occasion, she’d taken out her braids, curling her long hair and letting it drape over her shoulders. Once she was finally finished with getting herself made up, she put on a pair of nice heels that Elsa had bought her, trying her hardest not to slip and fall down the stairs as she came down them. She almost did, a few times, but she’d made it down. Anna fetched her phone out of her purse, texting Kristoff very quickly. 

▍ iMessage ;; ID: Kristoffer♡  ▍ you almost here? im dying of boredom waiting for you. :P


So I got a professional super-high quality scan made of this drawing in black & white to save, and then went ahead and colored the original.  I didn’t think the color would be better than the black & white, but I think I actually like it better!  

I’m super happy with this.  Like, SUPER HAPPY.  It might be one of the best things I’ve ever drawn, and not just because it’s Kristoff.  ;)

By the way, since this is now digitally stored at the professional graphics company, I can get super-high quality digital prints made, and even Giclée prints on fancy paper/canvas/etc.  So, if anyone is interested in buying a very, very nice copy of this (either color OR black & white!), please do let me know!  :D

Copic marker and Copic multiliner on 14 x 17″ smooth bristol board.



     Anna ran up the street, squealing excitedly the whole time. She and Kristoff were as close as best friends could possibly be, and she wanted to tell him the good news right away. She looked down at the diamond ring on her finger, still struggling to believe that this wasn’t a dream. 

     She hadn’t known Hans for too long, they’d only been dating for a few months. However, she couldn’t deny him when he’d gotten onto one knee and proposed to her just an hour before.

     Anna was already planning her wedding ceremony by the time she reached the construction site. Lucky for her, Kristoff was on lunch break. She searched around for a moment before her eyes caught site of her friend.

     “Kristoff! Kristoff, wait!" Anna ran after him, ignoring the looks from the men who were working. She wasn’t supposed to be here, but this was important business. She was out of breath when she reached him, but composed herself before sticking out her hand, wiggling her finger to show off her new ring. "Notice anything different?” 



     Anna knew well that it was a stupid idea to have come in the first place. She was at her friend Rapunzel’s dorm room, she was throwing a party. Anna had been warned that college parties could get a bit out of hand, but she didn’t expect her clothes to be taken away from her. 

     It had all started as a simple game of poker. In all honesty, Anna had absolutely no idea how to play poker. All of her friends were playing, and she didn’t want to be left out. It was all fine, up until some frat boy, Hans, had suggested to change it up a bit. Soon after, instead of just playing poker, it became strip poker. It wasn’t very long at all before Anna was naked. She pouted, attempting to cover herself up. 

     “I hate this stupid game," She muttered, earning a chuckle from everyone at the table. 

     Anna’s eyes widened when she saw Hans pick up her clothing, darting for the door. Before thinking, Anna zipped out behind him, only finding that Hans was nowhere to be seen. He’d probably went into another room, but Anna had no clue as to which one was his. There were too many doors, but Anna would have to knock until she found him. She knew not many college students would be cooped inside their dorm on a Friday night, so Anna crossed her fingers and began to knock on each door.

     "Hans! Open up!”