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No. That first one was not the real maps. it was just cuz it was 4:31AM when I was making these, and its almost 4th of July soooooo.

#628-Braviary, The Valiant Pokemon ***By Request for Anon***

Braviary is a Pokemon that can only be found in North America, and is very proud. The feather formation on its head represents a Native American war bonnet, in the formation it is in. Braviary is extremely aggressive, but only for noble means, such as protecting its friends and allies. The More Scars it has the more it is respected by its peers. Along with its strong will, it has great strength, for it can Pick up a car and fly with it.

Come one come all and challenge the Frontier League!

Are you a valiant pokemon battler? Is testing your skills against other, like minded foes something that you wish you could spend more time doing? or do you try already, and have become immensely disappointed with the deplorable state of the battle spot, and long for the rush of honourable combat?

Look no further than the Frontier League! a semi-competitive pokemon league for players like you! battle our gym leaders, styled after various “themes” such as Heroic, Medieval or Prehistory! Maybe you can ascend through the ranks to become a champion, where you can bask in your amassed glory and accept challenges yourself!

If you would like to challenge us, submit to us your:

In-Game Name:

Friend Code:

Tumblr URL:

6 Primary Team-members:

2 Secondary Back-Ups:

Skype name (If you would like to be part of the challenger chat):

Then you can begin challenging leaders at your whim! have fun!

If you have any questions about us, be sure to send us an ask and we will be sure to answer!