valhalla crow

Huginn og Muninn.
Drawing done in Oct. while learning to use Adobe Illustrator, but just revisited it to make the frames, w/ influence from Jim Fitzpatrick’s adapted Celtic sagas art (“Book of Conquests”) but w/ more Scandinavian direction via refs. I got from Nationalmuseet at København.
(Edit: Slightly revised knotwork at Danish friend’s wonderful suggestion to more authentically have them go over/under/over/etc each other)

Ragnarok IS NOT happening tomorrow!! (2-22-14)

So for those out there who are claiming Ragnarok is tomorrow, let me just say you obviously haven’t done your homework and you can shut up now. This was started by the Jorvik Viking Center to draw attention to their festival and it is in NO WAY based in the lore or fact. We Heathens DO NOT have a set date for Ragnarok and we aren’t considering tomorrow any more significant than any other day. 

Ragnarok isn’t happening until the following criteria have been met:
-Three years of endless winter and war
-Heimdall sounds the Gjallarhorn, heard in all nine realms
-Yggdrasil trembles and moans
-Skoll will seize the sun
-Hati will swallow the moon
-Fenrir loosed from his binds
-Worldwide earthquake
-Gullinkambi crows atop Valhalla
-Fjalar crows to the giants
-a nameless rooster crows in Hel, raising the dead
-Jormungandr comes out from the sea onto land
-Loki is freed from his binds
-The sky is torn by the Muspili

So until such time as all the above apply, quit saying that you “know the day the Vikings predicted Ragnarok was going to happen”. There was never a single date given. There is just a list of criteria.