valhall awaits

Music tag thingy

Rules: Using only one band, answer the following questions then tag ten people.
Tagged by @cassiusthecorrupterofsouls, thanks hon! C;

Band: Amon Amarth

What’s your gender: Blood eagle
Describe yourself: Wanderer 
How do you feel: Abandoned
If you could go anywhere: Valhall awaits me
Favorite mode of transportation: Valkyries ride
If your life was a TV show: A dream that cannot be
Relationship status: Father of the wolf (probably doesn’t make any sense, lol)
Greatest Fear: No fear for the setting sun

I’ll tag: @thewatchmakersdream, @bruceedickinson, @cosmicbeast, @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross, @resist-and-bite, @evonthunder, @ostpunk, @kingwitchofangmar, @asylumsammet, @cucumber-castle and @viking-badger