so let me get this straight: a Nordic warrior asked to be baptized as a christian and gave up Valhala, a place in which he’d surely meet his daughter who died in the hands of the plague, his friends killed in battle, his entire family… just so he could be reunited with his monk one more time???? Ragnar loved, loves and will forever love athelstan with all his heart

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Hey, I was wondering if you could help me find a fanfiction, I read it ages ago can't remember it's name. tony has lost all memories of ever being with loki, and is confused why the avengers are attending their enemy's funeral all the way in asgard, until steve and bruce tell him about their previous relationship. He's really confused at first, but then he kills himself to bring loki back from hell/Valhala but their bodies have been floated? On the river and they have to swim back. Thanks

Not my type of fic, so I can’t help you out anon, sorry! Hopefully, my amazing followers can help better than I can. :)

  • Piper (and Luke) are child of Loki, Jason (and Thalia) of Thor. Both have a hate-love relationship
  • Piper is good and alive, but most of the time she is way more neutral. Jason is dead (he died saving a lot of children from falling in the river after a bus crash in school trip and died while holding a iron rod) and went to valhala. Sometimes he crosses path with Piper who usually sasses her way out of problems convincing people to do what she need them too (her persuation is so strong she can literally just order people around if she is feeling confident enough).
  • Instead of having multi-colored eyes, her eyes are icy blue
  • She also shapeshift, but usually doesn’t need to
  • Annabeth is child of Sif
  • Reyna and Hyla are Annabeth’s sisters by godparenthood.
  • Reyna is Valkyria’s headchief. Hylla is one of Folkvang strongest warriors (and the most serious one, honestly, she barely stands the place most of the time and usually is in missions for Freya and Frey)
  • Nico and Hazel (and Bianca) are child of Odin - Hazel has all the power and magic of her father, while Nico is usually more sensitive around death’s and the nine worlds, along with it’s inhabitants. Many creatures stalk them to avange Odin’s previous severe punishments against other gods and jotun. Nico is alive, but both Hazel and Bianca are in valhalla (Bianca died saving Nico from a collapsing building and Hazel died during the World War 2 saving many children from concentration camps)
  • Percy is child o Njord, his feet are very pretty.

Part 1/3

The rain was coming down so hard she could barely see the yellow lines that marked the middle of the road and Sam decided to pull over, let the rain pass. As she eased on the breaks, she could feel the wheels start to hydroplane. She immediately took her foot off but it was too late–

She saw the tree a millisecond before she crashed into it.

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II find so much joy in Magnus being left-handed.

We very rarely get to know which hand do character use because it is a small detail,it is not something that makes a real difference in the plot… to be honest before this I never even stopped to wonder with which hand do my favourite characters write with…. but Magnus is left-handed…. that means he went throught all those little things left-handed kids go everyday.

He probably was taught to serve in volleyball or tennis and he probably tried to do everything the teacher said but with the other hand and ended up hitting other kid.

I bet he even was told off by many teachers for how messy his notebooks were because he would scrub over the pages to keep writing or that he had problems learning to cut with scissors in kindergarden….

He probably never had those one person tables with just one arm-rester (at least here we just use them in college)  but I can imagine him arriving early just to get that only left-handed table on the classroom before the other left-handed kid on the class.

More into canon, now he is back in valhala he’ll probably have to learn actual sword fighting and whoever teaches him that will have to figure out how could a left-handed do that stuff because swords were not designed thinking on left-handed people.

…there is just so much to imagine… I love left-handed Magnus

The Chase Chat

Magnus: Ok, I start.My father is a god. 

Annabeth: Pff, my mother is a goddes. 

Magnus: I’m dead, I went to valhala, 

Annabeth: Please, I went to hell and back. 

Magnus: I fought against an evil gigant lord of fire and scary stuffs 

Annabeth: I fought against the mother earth and the lord of titans. 

Magnus: My best friends are a dwarf and an elf

Annabeth: One of my best friend is half goat and my boyfriend’s brother is a cyclop. 

Annabeth: And I was born from my mother’s head. 

Magnus: I- … Wait, what?

Annabeth: I told you, my life is weird. 

Magnus: …


Magnus: Yeah, ok, I’ll buy you a falafel.