meet me beneath the christmas tree

pairings: valgrace and a pipabeth mention

rating: T

words: 7k+

summary: It’s Christmas day, and Leo is spending it exactly opposite of where he pictured himself to be - serving food to grumps in an old folk’s home. This year, things seem pretty bleak, but he still finds joy in a few things - namely his friend Piper and his not-so-subtle crush and coworker, Jason Grace. Oh, and the fact that Drew Tanaka had to kiss an old guy under some mistletoe.

notes: i finished this at 12:00 am guys and im so proud because i thought this was going to be 4k words but then i came up with an actual plot for once and now it’s 7k which is?? amazing????? and to top it off, i wrote it in 2 nights!!! i’d like to thank all the friends who encouraged me as i wrote this (namely kim @1ooo-w0rds and charlie @lukekywalker) i love u guys as much as leo obviously loves jason ;)

it’s too long for me to post on tumblr because then i’d have to redo formatting manually and i love myself so!! ^u^ click the links if u want to read it!!

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