“I got it when I was 30. The reason why i got it is because, we grew up with an idea that if we ever get a tattoo, we will first be killed by our parents, A 100% you will die somehow and then they will cut is off your body literally. So you know my parents are the most loving parents ever, but when the conversation arises about certain things, they grew up with the notion that tattoo is a tag in prison. So you know you belong to a gang or you are a gang member. We grew up in a different society obviously and moving to the US everything became a little different. We Americanized alot faster. Our Dad transformed himself to this lifestyle, Mom was kinda…Mom is taking longer” - Maks (X)


This was the visualization of a love poem. It sprang from the heart. It touched everybody’s soul. So moving, so deeply felt. Hypnotically beautiful. Thank you again - Bruno (10)

Your’s was different. Your’s went inside of all of us. And I think you changed us for a minute. To me that is what being an Artiste is about. You guys together as a team are immaculate . That was incredible. That dead lift takes so much partnership. It was incredible - CAI (10)

What I like it was just the two of you. No messing around. It was just the two of you. It combined athleticism with artistry - Len (10)

The reason why you didn’t buckle. And the reason why it did not come falling through and be bad, its because what you two have is so real and so authentic. And you couldn’t have chosen a better freestyle. Because that was so honest and so pure. It just shows the trust that you guys have from day one to now. It was absolutely breathtaking - Julianne (10)



“We always need confirmation. We all do. Well this I mine… There was a time when someone smiled at me and said I was special. These kids are beyond special, and the opportunity to inspire them is the greatest achievement of my life” - Valentin Chmerkovskiy

“The ability to educate and inspire a younger generation is the greatest gift I’ve ever received” - Valentin Chmerkovskiy

It’s the little things that leave the biggest impact” - Valentin Chmerkovskiy

“This is whats its all about #sharingyourpassionwithothers” - Valentin Chmerkovskiy