I was trying to imagine what Caitlin would look like dressed in black, and then I switched to white, and what she appeared in what very wedding dress-esque and I just

Caitlin one day suddenly announces she wants to get married (and everyone’s ‘HUH’) and specifically wants to get married and have the whole church-type ceremony…but without the actual legality of it (since she’s pretty sure she’ll never actually be married, seeing who she is and what she can do). Which just smells of PR trouble (something they never seem to be short of), so Marshal’s all 'no’, but Grimsley likes the idea of playing with so much money, and Shauntal gets glassy-eyed, though practically, they shouldn’t do anything of the sort.

Except Iris hears of it, and she wants to do it (because fun fact: Champions have the power to officiate marriages [similar to ship captains]). And the PR agent is about to flip her shit, because it’s the last thing anyone one of them should be doing, since something like that would never stay private enough that it could be done without someone tipping off the press it’s being done in the first place, so Shauntal mentions, “Well, what if it’s a charity event?” and that basically ends it.

NOT SURE who would be the groom (it’s basically either Grimsley or Marshal and Grimsley wants Marshal to do it for the lolz, and Marshal wants Grimsley to do it because Marshal just doesn’t want it to be him), but it’s up until a week before where Caitlin just puts her foot down and picks one.

So it’s the day, and Caitlin and her groom are two seconds away from being married, and Iris says the fateful lines, “Should there be anyone who objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace,”

but she doesn’t even finish the line before Darach stands up from the back and objects very loudly, professing his love or whatever people do with their objections, which isn’t part of the thing at all

because Darach didn’t read the fine print of the event and is actually being honest. (And it’s been a long decade of issues between them, with both liking the other but Caitlin having doubts and trying to keep her distance from him.) And that’s how Caitlin and Darach wound up legally married a few years after BW2.

(All I wanted was to imagine Caitlin in pure white; what happened.)

quarterdollar suggested valetshipping, so here you are!

Truth be told, I never actually battled Darach… But when I looked at his Bulbapedia page (as he was linked to Caitlin’s), it mentioned that a minor character at the Battle Castle says: “Mr. Darach…His feelings for Lady Caitlin are all bottled up…Oh, how I pine for him…” and it was ship at first sight.