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Niall Horan Imagine ☆

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☆Song(s):All Of Me by John Legend, I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes, Marry Me by Jason Derulo


This is practically a part of a never ending Niall imagine where he’s dating Rory’s little sister. Here’s the other imagines that you can before or after this if you’d like. 

-Make Her Me Wife 

-Not Just A Friend 

He’d been through it all, he had the conversation with her parents and couldn’t have been happier at hoe open and welcoming they were. He had it all planned out and he couldn’t be more excited for the day he got down on one knee asking her for her hand in marriage. He looked back at Rory waiting to hear his opinion on the ring. He gone all over the world looking for the perfect ring and he’d finally found it. It was simple, it sparkly, and it was unique. 

“She’ll love it mate..” He chuckled handing him back the valet box. He could tell  he was nervous. Niall had done so many things in his life but this seemed to have been the icing on the cake. This was the one thing that was leaving him restless at night. 

“Ya think so?” He mumbled planning with the box in his large hands. 

“I know so..” 

The day had finally arrived, Niall had gathered everyone he could get his greedy little hands on. Her family, his family, the boys from the band, her friends, his friends, you name it they were there. The backyard to his home was filled with chatter as everyone was around enjoying himself. Theo was running around the yard after three year old Freddie. 

Everyone was enjoying the hot rays the sun was casting down, no one knowing what was going to be happening in a matter of an hour. The food was starting to be put out, the plate where being set, as every was getting ready to take their seats. Y/N had walked over to Niall pressing a kiss to his lips, as his arm pulled her closer to him. 

“You look beautiful babe..” He smiled, as she giggled and reached up wiping the gloss from his lips. His blue eyes were covered by his sunglasses making her melt as his once blond hair was a lovely shade of brown. 

“Aren’t we being flirty..” She teased as he rolled his eyes pulling her closer to him. 

“Now lets go eat, I’m starved..” 

Everyone was seated, food on their plate drink in their glasses. Everyone knew this must be a special moment in the young mans life if he had gone out of his way to plan this little get together. Everyone was buzzing as Niall stood up, bring Y/N with him. 

“I want to thank you all for being here today..” He started. “I know it must have been a hassle to come all the way out here but I can’t explain just how much all of you being here means to me. I’ve had many highs and many lows in my life, but my favorite thing that I’ve gained is this beautiful soul besides me.” He stated as she looked up at him with so much love that he knew at that moment everything was going to be okay. 

“Y/N, you’ve been here with me through so much. I can’t explain to you just how much having your love and support means to me…” he breathed as he got down on one knee making gasps be heard around the table. “Y/N you mean the world to me and I’d be dammned if I allowed ye to walk way from me. I make mistakes and you’re there to walk me through them. You are the reason I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face, you’re the reason I cave to be better, to be a better man for you. Everything I do, I do thinking of you. So baby, will you do me the honors of being my wife?” He smiled as he pulled out the box holding the ring. 

He watched as a smile spread its way onto her face as she let a giggle escape from her lips. “Of course babe!” She smiled as he placed the ring onto her finger. Placing a kiss onto her lips, he smiled as cheers and claps were heard around the the table. 

The food was longer forgotten as everyone was buzzing over the engagement. Their mothers where talking about all the possible places their wedding could be, the lads where arguing about whom would be the best man. Looking at him she knew she had gotten lucky and she couldn’t have asked for anything more. She would soon be Mrs.Niall Horan