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RIVERDALE Episode 6 Promotional PhotosFaster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!” 

Synopsis: (ROMANCES AND RIVALRIES) — With Riverdale High’s annual variety show around the corner, Valerie’s (guest star Hayley Law) efforts to help Archie (KJ Apa) prepare for his big performance lead to some major fallout between her and Josie (Ashleigh Murray). Meanwhile, Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) investigation into Jason’s death brings them to a home for troubled youth and face-to-face with Polly (guest star Tiera Skovbye). Just as her relationship with her mother was on the upswing, an unexpected betrayal sends Veronica (Camila Mendes) spiraling, while Josie deals with her own pressures at home after her overbearing father returns for her performance at the variety show. Finally, Hermoine’s (Marisol Nichols) first day at Andrew’s Construction finds her and Fred (Luke Perry) growing closer. Madchen Amick also stars. Steve Adelson directed the episode written by Tessa Leigh Williams & Nicholas Zwart (#106). Original airdate 3/2/2017.

Okay, so I was at dance class and I started thinking about a Dancers AU.

Maddie, Jack, and Vlad were a popular ballet trio. Until Vlad left for some reason.

Jazz is obviously a jazz dancer.

Danny’s a ballet dancer who secretly takes hip hop. Secretly because his parents hate it.

Sam is a hip hop dancer because her parents hate it.

Tucker’s the tech dude at their dance studio.

Ember remixes the music and sometimes creates it.

Dash, Paulina, Star, and Kwan are the most popular dancers in the studio. Dash and Paulina are ballet dancers while Star and Kwan are lyrical dancers.

Vlad’s the ballet teacher and also the hip hop teacher. He is constantly flirting with Maddie whenever she comes to pick up her kids.

Valerie used to be a ballet dancer until she switched to hip hop. She hates how good Danny is but she secretly thinks he’s cute.

Lancer’s still their English teacher/vice principal but he also runs the studio.

1.10 Press Release

“Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, DL) (HDTV)
TRUE FEELINGS – GUEST STARRING MOLLY RINGWALD — When Fred (Luke Perry) decides to finalize the divorce with Archie’s mother Mary (guest star Molly Ringwald), Archie (KJ Apa) hides his true feelings.  Archie tries to win Valerie (guest star Hayley Law) back with a romantic evening, however, Betty (Lili Reinhart) hijacks his plans when she decides to throw Jughead (Cole Sprouse) a surprise birthday party.  Once Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) learns of the party, she decides to make it interesting and things quickly get out of control.  Meanwhile, Veronica (Camila Mendes) contemplates whether she should participate in the deposition to help get her Dad released.  Madchen Amick and Marishol Nichols also star. Dawn Wilkinson directed the episode written by Britta Lundin & Brian E. Paterson (#110).  Original airdate 4/13/2017.


this video features a confused seguin, nichushkin wearing a pink santa hat and benn literally falling off the bench in laughter

(not my video)

the undiscovered country: a summary
  • kirk: i hate klingons
  • spock: captain no that is illogical and counterproductive to creating a better future
  • uhura/chekov: *uncharacteristic generalized racism toward klingons*
  • bones: *tries to help and gets fucked over* I WAS 3 MONTHS FROM RETIREMENT W HAT THE FUK
  • general chang: *hissing like a snake* EXCELLENT
  • worf: *makes a cameo but fails to defend kirk and bones in court*
  • kirk/bones: wELL FUCK
  • martia: yo i can get you off the penal colony but first i have to kinkshame kirk and his selfcest fantasies
  • kirk: *gets beamed aboard* sPOCK HOLD MEEEEE
  • spock: well gang, looks like we've got this mystery just about figured out
  • valeris: and i would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling science officer and your illogical human husband!
  • kirk: *kills general chang and then crashes the peace conference* #NOTALLKLINGONS
  • the federation: we agree with your point...
  • starfleet: ...but we're decommissioning you all
  • spock: go to hell
  • kirk: hopefully the next generation won't fuck this up like we did


After graduating from Vassar College in 1985 with a degree in biology, Lisa Kudrow aspired to follow in the footsteps of her father David B. Kudrow, a neurologist who researched headaches. Her career took a different turn, however, when her brother’s childhood friend Jon Lovitz encouraged her to enter the comedic world.

The early years of Kudrow’s onscreen career included small roles on the sitcoms Cheers, Life Goes On and Newhart. She unsuccessfully auditioned for Saturday Night Live and appeared in two ill-fated network pilots. After originally finding herself cast in the role of Roz Doyle on Frazier, she was ultimately replaced by Peri Gilpin during the filming of the series’ pilot episode.

In 1992, Kudrow secured her first recurring role as eccentric waitress Ursula Buffay on NBC’s Mad About You. She moved on from there to play Ursula’s arguably more famous sister, Phoebe Buffay, for ten seasons on the network’s extraordinarily popular sitcom Friends

For her portrayal of Phoebe, Kudrow won the 1998 Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, as well as two Screen Actors Guild Awards. She became one of the highest paid television actresses of all time, earning one-million dollars per episode during the show’s two final seasons.

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