valeriu mazilu

I love the style Valerica wears his bangs now. I love that little lock of hair that sticks out - I think it’s adorable, gives his hair this little wavy-unruly appearance and shows off his young, boyinsh soul. Dear, dear Lerka, live long and prosper, honey pie!

Also: Valerica’s getting wide… man, I like it better when old men are dry… but well, maybe it’s a bit too early to talk about it… let’s just see. I just honestly don’t want this little croissant to become another Shatner. ^)


Now that I found these on Zdubii FB, I’m determined to bring them to you here. This is how the guys’ summer has been going on so far.

Mihai’s too sexy for his shirt indeed. Guys, I’m concerned. His wife probably doesn’t feed him at all and makes him carry pianos around daily nightly… winkin’ at Amandeus, even though it’s not da booty, it’s pretty delicious itself, hm?

The Staruses - people know my opinion on Staruses, because I’m a little douchebag from time to time. Slavka though… give me. Sunburnt, absolutely not unusual. With a new tattoo, I remember him saying to Godfather Crotchwatcher: ‘No tattoos. Still’. Now, as we may see… though I don’t know if he has any smaller ones in *ahem* more intimate places…

And I’m particularly fond of them Mazilus. All of'em. Because, man, just look at these precious little suns!!! So happy… my sweet croissants they are!


So, here, ladies and gentlemen, we have - Team Romashka. They are Romashka and his flying mates rocking the hell out of everybody. I don’t even remember the last time they were all flying like this, so here’s a suggestion to officially call this photoset ‘Team Romashka for the return’.