First two shots are before I got the invisible armor to work, and second two are with it fixed! valerie1972 is a beautiful human being for making PJs that are functional, and that don’t look like something Ria would laugh at the suggestion of wearing!

Edit: also lol the second shot. It makes me think that Cass did figure out who she’s dealing with sooner than later than my crack headcanons for Inq!Ria allow. :p

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Not to disagree with anything you've said because you're right, but please check out my reblog from yesterday where I clarify what's wrong with the first couple of reblogs of this post. You do not need your SS card to vote. I'm trying really hard to combat that particular bit of misinformation because it might keep actual voters from trying to vote if they figure it's going to be a giant pain in the ass. you only need a valid photo ID and it can be any of a number of things.

Zee post for all interested. DO YOUR RESEARCH, PEOPLE!

Bloggers ranting on tumblr are not credible sources of information. I should know, I’m one of them :P

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When you say " when you start the game NMM unchecks all modes as working so you have to check them back every time you play!" what do you mean?

Nexus mod manager, i just assume everybody use it since it’s the only way to load these mods! Basically when you launch the game the mods become unchecked in the mod window, so you have to wait until launcher pops up, and then check all the mods on back again.

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Hi! After you receive this you must share 5 random facts about yourself and then copy and send to your 10 favorite followers!

Oh goodness ;x;


  • I have 4 tarantulas and an emperor scorpion. Three of which have dragon age themed names, because I have a problem.
  • I have a toad named Garrett who killed his brother, Carver. The irony is not lost on me.
  • I also have a boa named Aveline, and she’s a sweetheart.
  • I love thunderstorms. I love sleeping to them. :>
  • My favorite food is beef rolladen. It’s basically beef wrapped around onion, pickles, and bacon, and stewed for like 4 hours. Yum. :x

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HEY YO LISTEN WHAT I SAY O (I actually hate that chili peppers song BUT THAT’S A STORY FOR ANOTHER TIME!)

Opening Credits:  Beats Antique – The Allure
Waking Up:  David Bowie – Modern Love - 1999 Digital Remaster
First Day At School:  James – She’s A Star
Falling In Love:  Mindy Smith – True Love Of Mine
Fight Song:  Handsome Poets – Sky On Fire
Breaking Up:  Lana Del Rey – Born To Die
Life’s OK:  Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – The Good Rebel
Getting Back Together:  Annie Lennox – Dark Road
Wedding:   Duke Ellington – Just a Memory
Birth of Child:  Laura Mvula – Sing to the Moon
Final Battle:  Kraftwerk – Franz Schubert - 2009 Digital Remaster
Death Scene:  Belly – Feed the Tree
Funeral Song:  Bob Dylan – Shelter From The Storm
End Credits: The Iron Horse – Voice Of The Land (Acid-Croft Mix)

Aha, YOU get the Lana del Rey! Also wildly inappropriate wedding song ahoy.