valerie washington

At Spence, she recalled, after finishing Ophelia’s mad scene during a student production of “Hamlet,” catching a glimpse of her no-nonsense mother weeping in the audience.

“I thought ‘Wow,’ ” Ms. Washington said. “This woman who held me in her womb for nine months — and knows exactly who I am — for a moment something about this world allowed her to suspend her disbelief and believe I was some other person in some other time.

“I thought, ‘this is powerful.’"

—  The Weight Those Heels Carry | The New York Times

They joke, they laugh, they share books. Can they be any cuter? I’m thinking no.

Kerry and her mom Valerie answer questions for USA Today at Alice’s Tea Cup in NYC.


Kerry’s mom, Dr. Valerie Washington, announces An Enchanted Evening, tonight’s event celebrating the Lehman Center for Performing Arts in the Bronx where she serves as Vice Chair.