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Because people who change the lyrics of covers to make them more cis/straight when they sing them are weak and will not survive the apocalypse {listen}

Sweater Weather: Kina Grannis // Ho Hey: Catey Shaw // Riptide: Taylor Swift // Best Song Ever: Gabrielle Aplin // Valerie: Amy Winehouse // Santeria: Washington // Whatever You Like: Anya Marina // Say My Name/Cry Me A River: The Neighbourhood // Electric Feel: Katy Perry // No Scrubs: Bastille // Call Me Maybe: Ben Howard // Heart-Shaped Box: Kawehi // Sex and Candy: La Chansons // Dancing on my Own: Kings of Leon // Hot in Here: Jenny Owen Youngs // It’s My Party: Kings of Convergence // Rude: Kina Grannis // You Oughta Know: Jonathan Coulton // Jolene: The White Stripes // Take Me to Church: Neon Jungle // Be My Husband: Ed Sheeran // Teenage Dirtbag: Mary Lambert // Hey, Soul Sister: Marilou


Women’s March on Washington. January 21st, 2017. Let this day go down in history as the day millions of women, men, and children around the world marched against racism and bigotry, and for fundamental human rights.

Because black lives matter, trans lives matter, muslim lives matter. Because immigrants are welcome here. Because climate change is not a hoax. Because it’s her body, her choice. Because women’s rights are human rights. Because he is NOT our president. Because love trumps hate. Because America is already great.

Because we’re fired up, ready to go.


In a world that too often tells little girls to choose between womanhood and success, between femininity and a seat at the head of the table, both onscreen and off Kerry Washington embodies the promise that lives in all our young people to shape their own destinies and succeed as “gladiators” for the causes in which they believe. - Valerie Jarrett

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More insight on the Klebolds and Harrises shortly after 4/20

LITTLETON, Colo. - Until their sons launched a bloody rampage on Columbine High School Tuesday, both the Harris and Klebold families appeared to be living their versions of the American dream.
Thomas and Susan Klebold resided in a spacious, glass-and-cedar house nestled into a bluff near Dear Creek Canyon. They drove BMWs, enjoyed challenging careers and were blessed with two bright, healthy sons.
Wayne and Katherine Harris had settled into a comfortable cul-de-sac here three years ago after he retired from a military career that had them travel across the country. They enjoyed working in their yard and were looking forward to the graduation of their younger son, Eric, in just three weeks.
Nothing in their lives seemed to indicate that their sons, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, would soon be responsible for the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history.
“I never dreamed this could happen, not in the least,” said Bill Konen, who lived next door to the Harrises.
In his parents, Dylan Klebold appeared to have two strong role models. His father, Thomas, 52, is a self-employed geophysicist in the gas-and-oil field, while his mother, Susan, 50, helps run a program through Colorado Community College that trains disabled persons for employment. The parents also run Fountain Real Estate Mortgage Management, through which they buy and restore properties. They have an older son, Byron.
Ed Berg, a geophysicist who worked in a gas-and-oil exploration partnership with Mr. Klebold for five years, praised him as an intelligent, well-respected member of the professional community and an involved father. “Tom talked about having arguments with his son, but it was the typical father’s frustration with typical teen behaviour,” said Mr. Berg.
He said it would have been typical of Mr. Klebold to support counselling for his son. Dylan underwent anger management and other counselling as part of a juvenile intervention program after an arrest last year for attempted car theft, said authorities.
“This business about, ‘How could he not know about what his son is doing?’ Well, clearly Tom as aware something was wrong and he was trying to do something about it,” said Mr. Berg.
He also described Mr. Klebold as a political liberal who probably supported gun control, although Mr. Berg said he had never asked him his position on the issue.
“He’s a democrat, probably more liberal than I am,” said Mr. Berg. “I would expect he wouldn’t have a gun in his house.”
[On the Harrises:] Neighbors said both parents worked full time, but were unfamiliar with their careers. Mrs. Harris, 49, was often seen working in their yard, sometimes with their dog, Sparky, and the couple was friendly, if somewhat remote.
“We didn’t see them a whole lot. They kept to themselves, but that’s not unusual around here,” said Mr. Konen. “I’d see Major Harris in the yard, and he seemed very pleasant. He’d give me a big smile and wave.”
Their older son, Kevin, visited home on breaks from college. For the past year, Dylan was a regular at the Harris house, his black BMW a fixture in their driveway.
“Dylan drove pretty fast, but Eric was pretty good,” said neighbour Allison Good, 13. “Dylan would come over a lot – almost every day.”
Excerpts from “’Ideal’ families spawned the shooting horror”, Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times, April 23, 1999


Celebs pictured with their mother’s:

1. Solange, Beyonce and Tina Knowles

2. Condola and Phylicia Rashad

3. Viola and Mary Alice Davis

4. Taraji P. Henson and Bernice Gordon

5. Kerry and Valerie Washington

6. Lupita and Dorothy Nyong'o

7. Zoe Saldana and Asalia Nazario

8. Rihanna and Monica Braithwaite


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Kerry’s mom, Dr. Valerie Washington, announces An Enchanted Evening, tonight’s event celebrating the Lehman Center for Performing Arts in the Bronx where she serves as Vice Chair.