valerie the gardevoir


Though I’d say there are at least…10 others like me around here somewhere, being my siblings and parents. Wouldn’t be surprised if my litter wasn’t the only one my mother had either, I hear she was popular and popular pokemon get breed when they’ve reached their high points in their carriers for as you know, thats the time people will pay the most for them

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So i was bored all day and got a new sketchbook, ended up sketching pictures of Xuanze flirting the only way he knows how. THROUGH DANCING! otherwise he’s too fucking polite and a blushing mess to talk to people he likes. So went through the blogs i like and picked the chicks i thought were badass enough for him so BAM!
We have Macey from asknicolaivanguard
Susanna from askSophiethedeafgardevoir
Val from askthevictorypokemon

and lastly Joann from asktheblindfortuneteller