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In a "what if" scenario what if Danny's parents found out about Danny's secret. It wouldn't even be an international thing just his folks finding out. Their reactions to finding out about Vlad's true nature, Valerie hunting him down, the very existence of Dani the clone girl. Not to mention how much they insist on studying Danny without all that dissection. It would be interesting how well they would keep a secret.

These are all things I completely wish had happened.

Though, I’d like to think their primary focus would be making sure Danny knows he’s still their child and they love him. He’d be very interesting to study, of course, but he’d first need to feel certain that they don’t see him as a test subject. It’d have to be something he lets them do because he wants to, not something they force on him. Otherwise, Danny might stop trusting them all over again. Studying would be necessary for medical reasons, but he needs to feel certain he’s never being objectified.

Outside of that, though, I really wish we got to see Valerie finish her character arc, and Danielle deserved so much better.

And of course, I’ve mentioned before that I wish Danny hadn’t erased his parents’ memories in Reality Trip. It would’ve been a big step for them to learn about his secret and support him without the whole world having to know. They may not be the best at keeping secrets, but they love their kids a lot. Looking at how Jack reacted to finding out about Vlad, I think we can be certain that his love for Danny would outweigh anything else, and if Jack can keep a secret, so can Maddie.

The most difficult part would be the fact that they would refuse to keep shooting at him, which would make outsiders kind of suspicious, but I don’t think Danny could talk them into acting like nothing’s changed. If Danny’s in trouble, they’d rip apart any ghost that tries to touch him, and they’d probably try really hard to Danny-proof all their equipment. They’ve managed to invent something that locks onto a ghost’s unique ectosignature, so I think they’d be capable of making their weapons avoid a specific ectosignature.

Jack, though, would be so proud of his ghost son. He has the coolest son in the world. He is a human, but he is also a ghost! He can fly and stuff! Your son is nowhere near as cool as his son. His son is the best. And he fights ghosts, too! He is so proud of him. The best son in the world.

It could honestly be kind of hard for Jazz to adjust to…which could easily lead to an interesting plot. But we’ll get to that when we get to that.


In this gif pack you can find 78 gifs of the stunning Hayley Law as Valerie Brown in season 1 of Riverdale. This gif pack will be updated as the episodes air! These gifs were made by me, so please don’t claim them as your own or put them into other gif hunts. Also, please give this post a like or a reblog if using!

updated: 04.03.17

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The Beating of Young Hearts

I wrote this, like….three years ago? May as well share it instead of letting it rot in my hardrive.

The ghost was crying. Nothing new; she’d been doing that a lot since Valerie and Phantom first found her. Phantom claimed it was separation anxiety, though how a ghost—young or not—could have such a human response to being lonely was believed to be impossible. They didn’t have feelings. But whatever the reason for the baby’s crying, Phantom was usually able to calm her down.

The problem was, Phantom was out searching for the baby’s parents. He was supposed to be back soon—according to Valerie’s schedule—but in the meantime, the baby was stuck with Valerie. And neither ghost baby nor ghost hunter approved of this arrangement.

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@meganegz said:

yo, witch-girl sam would be hella. Danny’s got the ghost thing, Tucker’s got tech; while Sam already has a lot in the way of advantages and physical skills, it’d be nice if she had a technical skill that was unique to her. In fact, they could all use that; Valerie, Jazz, and Dani should have these things, too. Although, Jazz is already a pretty decent profiler, at least with human perps. I feel like the popular fanon of Dani hanging out with Cujo could be evolved into her being good with critters of all sorts, especially the ghost variety, and naturally with Cujo (who is a pretty friendly doggo anyways, at least where Danny is concerned- I feel like he’d like her a lot, too, tho).

All the kids have their skills and ways they contribute. Tucker’s a technological genius and entrepreneur, Jazz has her affinity for psychology and logical thinking, Valerie’s a ninth-degree black belt, and adding that to her arsenal, she’s not someone to be messed with. As for Dani, even without a talent with critters, she’s likely gained a lot of knowledge from her constant travels. She’s probably good at finding her way around and improvising hiding places and such.

Sam’s smart and good at thinking on her feet, and of course she’s rich af and has some book smarts, but adding witchcraft to that would be so cool. It’d add more of an explanation to her knowledge about mythology and such, and give her a passion outside of just her social justice stuff.

Not that that’s a bad passion, but like, Danny loves space, Tucker loves tech, Jazz loves psychology, Valerie loves ghost hunting, Dani seems to love traveling, and Sam loves goth stuff and protests.

Maybe it’s my love for seeing people nerd out, but gimme something that brings out the nerd in Sam! We see a bit of that side of her in season 3 with plants, but that’s season 3. The only other things we get are little snippets. Sam likes to go to the Skulk and Lurk and get some old books like the one about the Fright Knight and Greek Mythology, and she seems to be well-read when it comes to the legal system and such, but books are never her passion. Imagine her as a spooky goth witch who offers to hex Dash every time he picks on Danny. Despite the fact that they frequently fight ghosts, Tucker and Danny aren’t convinced her witchcraft is legit, but her knowledge of the occult is crucial to defeating ghosts time and time again.

I’m kinda just rambling, but just gimme goth witch of justice Sam Manson!

DP Perspective AU

….aka Wes Side Story

Okay, so we were on the slack, and the @chintastic​ made a pun (as the queen of puns does), saying “Why hasn’t anyone made an AU called Wes Side Story”

And then it escalated from there where @narwhalsarefalling​, chin, and I created a huge AU. Ironically this AU feels more like Wicked than it does West Side Story. 

  • As said, this feels more like Wicked than West Side Story. Which by that we mean, we take a villain/antagonist and put it in their perspective and make a story where all their actions are justified. However, because they lose in the end, and/or because they have to act badly in order to win, from an outside perspective, they act like the bad guy. When in reality, he’s the good guy. But based on society’s standards and perspective, they’ll go down in history as the villain

  • So in this AU, Wes is the hero trying to expose Danny aka Phantom as an evil ghost and save the people of Amity Park, but everyone sees him as a crazy bully trying to hurt this wimpy kid.

  • The reason he can tell Danny’s a ghost is because Wes is a medium. ( @theartisticintrovert for that headcanon). He also can’t get possessed as a result. 

  • Danny is trying to turn the entire town and eventually the world into a world of ghosts. He goes around the world with his sister, Jazz, a ghost who can brainwash people (psychoanalyze them), creating ghost towns. Amity Park is his most recent haunt. 

  • When he “fights” ghosts, Phantom and the other ghosts are actually collaborating to bring more ectoplasmic radiation into the town. The property damage or when he uses ectoblasts; it releases radioation into the air. the residents inhale it and get more ghostly over time. 

  • The ghostly wail turns anyone into a ghost who hears it. 

  • All of this is for the goal of more power and in order to eat the weaker newly formed ghosts. (Ghost hunger). 

  • Danny befriends Tucker and Sam. One is the techno geek who can hack anything while Sam has the power of money and stubbornness. They’re the perfect pawns to his plans and the best part is that he can have them do the work without having himself be suspicious. 

  • The adult Fentons are brainwashed to be Jazz’s and Danny’s “parents” since the two of them are stuck looking like teenagers. 

  • Valerie is the only one who believes Wes. She works to help him expose Phantom, especially after what he did to the guard dogs at her dad’s work. 

  • Vlad is a literal vampire. For nearly a thousand years, he’s been hunting the supernatural who try to mess up the balance in the world. He still gives Valerie her hunting equipment in this. Her gear prevents her from being possessed. 

  • Eventual Wes, Valerie, and Vlad team up.

  • Dani was a clone that Vlad made to use as a weapon against Danny. She was supposed to balance the otherwise corrupted system, but Jazz mind controlled her and now she thinks that Vlad is trying to destroy her and that Danny is her cousin.

  • Skulker works with Vlad to control the ghost population. Eventually, he teaches Valerie how to hunt while teaching Wes about the most important locations where ghosts pop up and how to stop them from appearing. 

  • Wes writes in the school’s newspaper to spread the news about ghosts. Danny is trying to get it banded, but the school thinks it’s too funny to actually ban. 

  • The GIW started as an organization that fights constantly against the establishment of ghost towns, going as far as to get an official secret branch in the government. However, over time, the GIW was slowly corrupted by possessed humans until the organization itself became a laughing stalk. A ghost of it once was~

  • Potential Walker team up? Desiree?

  • Spectra and Jazz working together to make the school depressed. Valerie starts believing Wes after this experience, especially since his medium abilities make him not affected due to his medium abilities. 

(There may be more to add later, but this is what we got so far!)

dannymay day six

I had a predicament about today’s prompt, on which to write for. So I wrote for both! The angst train has come to town, y’all. 

ao3 link here:

prompt: ghost/human

Some days, Danny felt more ghostly than human. Where he felt a call to the ghost zone, and felt nauseous all day if he couldn’t get an opportunity to enter the ghost zone. Where he felt uncomfortable in his own skin and stayed in ghost form most of the day. Where being around humans made him uncomfortable so he skipped class and hung out in the ghost zone the entire day.

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“Two Minds”

A short fic for Phanniemay Day 09 “Water” inspired by @xmamu‘s Atlantis AU, because @caffeinechick and I have spent way too much time gushing over this AU and Atlantis: TLE because we are huge nerds. 

Valerie had been on plenty of jobs where things didn’t go according to plan. It was a practical certainty. Mosul, Abydos, Tripoli, Angora, Montenegro, that four-circus disaster in Budapest; you either adapted and made the most of a bad situation, or you cut your losses and scarpered off while you still could. 

Losing three quarters of your expedition to a giant mechanical monster? She’d had worse. Trapped miles underground in some buried, beyond ancient highway? They still had food and air. Hell, it beat being in Mesopotamia with no shade. 

But this. 

She was standing in a cavern bigger than New York, hearing the roar of crystal blue waterfalls that made Niagara look like a leaky faucet.  All around her was a real, living, inhabited ruin. 

That. That was not part of the plan.

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The Soul Shredder: Yet Another Horrifying Danny Phantom Realization


So this is yet another one of those comedic things they put in Danny Phantom but is actually pretty horrifying when you think about it. 

Fright Knight’s weapons o’ choice is a called Soul Shredder, which, as quoted by the Danny Phantom Wiki page, can “Send Any Being To A Dimension Of Their Worst Fears: Via slicing and dicing them.”

Keep in mind, when this episode came out, we were still in season 1, meaning, the worst thing that Danny has faced so far is Technus (twice), Valerie trying to hunt him, Vlad at the reunion, Ember, Desiree, Walker, Skulker, and Poindexter. Don’t get me wrong. Some of these things are tough and emotionally and physically draining, but in comparison to the later things Danny faces, (and definitely for what Sam and Tucker see) they’re almost laughable. 

My point? What would the dimension of worst fears show for everyone after the Disasteroid or at the very least, end of season three? 

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[A Snapping Sound: Part II, Murphy’s Law]

I’m back with A Snapping Sound. Thank you everyone for your patience. I’m definitely not the fastest writer… Shout out to @cordria for continuing to help me edit and refine. Couldn’t have done it without her support. :)


The Mansons move into an old mansion in Amity Park in order to forge a new start. The villa is infamous— not that they know it— for the amount of murders and suicides committed within. Their move awakens the spirits that haunt the property, and bizarre and gruesome events start happening around town. Sam finds herself in a race against time to expose what happened. Can Sam solve their murders before she joins the dead? And if she does, will there be anyone left to believe her?

It’s been a trillion days since I last updated, so here’s a little refresher of what’s happened. (Part I spoilers below the cut)

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Okay so I’ve wanted to do something like this for awhile.. A comic about what should of happened between Danny and Valerie during Phantom Planet. Now I think many can agree season 3 of DP was super rushed and the ending wasn’t the best but the disregard of Valerie was probably the worst in my opinion… I mean not just as being Danny’s love interest but possibly helping Jazz become a better ghost hunter when she is teased by the main group. Possibly having a back and forth between Vlad (similar with Danny and Vlad’s relationship) when she finds out the truth about him or even dealing with some of Danny’s foes on her own.. SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!! But anyway about this comic. Pretty much when Danny reveals himself as the ghost crusader he is, the towns folk are stunned but immediately cheer. Valerie is one of the people in this crowd. And to me this is just the completely wrong response… To me Valerie should be upset about this news not just because she tried to murder her ex on multiple occasions but that Danny knew about her identity (hell he was the one who outed her to her dad!!) and so much more about her and never thought to tell her when they broke up, which I should remind all of you that the only reason Valerie broke up with Danny was that she was afraid her ghost hunting would get him hurt. That was the ONLY REASON. Valerie still loved Danny but she wanted him safe more. So for her to be in emotional turmoil even though Danny wasn’t in danger and never would be is pretty awful to stomach.. I mean yes Valerie wasn’t a fan of Phantom but she loved Fenton  and had her reasons that were legitimate in her perspective…  Danny held all of the cards and knew what Valerie’s perspective was and still didn’t take a chance in hopes they could work things out and stay together instead of breaking up… So this comic pretty much illustrated that kind of conversation. Valerie torn between being angry at Danny to still loving him to feeling embarrassed/foolish for not realizing the truth sooner to wondering if his feelings for her were real… And Danny realizing what pain he put Valerie through, a rush of passionate memories and feelings about their past relationship to feeling conflicted since he just kissed Sam not to long ago so he shouldn’t be feeling things for Valerie right? Gray ghost is great because both characters are really passionate and also change so much in the course of the series and I always felt like they never got closure because they weren’t “endgame.” Even so, I kinda always thought they could be endgame because when they dated they loved each other so much to the point of Valerie giving up ghost hunting and Danny wanting to give her a fucking ring!!! Plus who is the only one who can fight toe to toe with Danny’s evil older self in the ultimate enemy special? Valerie. So you’re telling me that with all that history Valerie just deals with Danny also being Danny Phantom as no big deal like the rest, who only knew Danny Fenton on a superficial level??? Aw hell no! I don’t I just really love gray ghost guys… I could talk about it forever…

Going off from this various headcanons post but seriously