valerie chiange


Women’s March on Washington. January 21st, 2017. Let this day go down in history as the day millions of women, men, and children around the world marched against racism and bigotry, and for fundamental human rights.

Because black lives matter, trans lives matter, muslim lives matter. Because immigrants are welcome here. Because climate change is not a hoax. Because it’s her body, her choice. Because women’s rights are human rights. Because he is NOT our president. Because love trumps hate. Because America is already great.

Because we’re fired up, ready to go.


I’m selling limited edition prints of my project The 35 Parallel for a short time! This applies only to the 4 photographs in this post. I’d be very grateful for any extra money to help fund more road trips and long-term projects.

10″ x 10″
Printed on Hahnemühle Bright White Photo Rag Paper (310g/sm2)
Editions of 10 per photograph, signed and numbered
$150.00 + shipping if outside of United States. Free US shipping.

Please email me at if interested! Other sizes available. And also please feel free to spread the word.

Sometimes when driving through small, rural towns, I find something I want to photograph. A vintage car, an old house, a hand-painted sign in front of a mom-and-pop shop. Whatever it may be, I stop to admire it and say to myself, “That’s really beautiful.”

But what I (and others) find aesthetically interesting or poetic hides a hard truth. That vintage car no longer runs, that old house has weeds growing everywhere, and that mom-and-pop shop is long abandoned. Cities and more affluent towns have slowly recovered from the recession and housing crisis, but other places are silently crumbling away. Their sorrow is tangible.

Trump may only be in office for the next four years, but his supporters and their communities will be around for a long time. We cannot blame them – the farmers, factory workers, manufacturers, miners – for supporting a person they believed was their voice, for their struggles have in large part been ignored by a more urban and liberal America.

Everybody thinks they’re the good guys. Yes, a lot of Trump’s supporters say or believe in things that are truly awful and backward, but please listen to their stories and struggles, because they matter too.