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Can people please understand

The most recent episode was very clearly supposed to be satirical. They are showcasing the fact that radical extremism exists on both sides of the spectrum. They are in no way saying that feminism is terrible. Extreme radical feminism is. Valerie’s cult was based on a similar basis as Kai’s. Using anger and fear to manipulate people into following you. The extreme nature of their beliefs having made them kill even gay men who as they admitted face similar discrimination as women. But none of that matters so long as you have a penis. These women are just as terrible as the men they claim to want freedom from. Beebee was shown working with Kai. So clearly there is a reason behind getting the woman in the cult to turn on him. What that reason is remains a mystery but I think it’s safe to say kai isn’t underestimating the women. He’s not using them because their women, he’s using them because that’s what cult leaders do. They use people. Regardless of race, sexuality and yes, even gender. No one means anything to kai but kai. Also IF Beebee is telling the truth, the zodiac killer from Hotel is Valerie Solanas. Though I highly doubt it.


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‘AHS: Cult’ News

Tonight (08/25/2017) some critics got a sneak preview of the first three episodes, followed by a Q & A with Ryan Murphy and FX president John Landgraf. Some details that have emerged:

*Murphy thinks that people are jumping to incorrect conclusions because they know his politics. He says that the decision to do a season about cults of personality and how they take advantage of vulnerable people was made before the election, which serves as the jumping-off point because it triggers the return of Ally Mayfair-Richards’ phobias. “It’s not about Trump, it’s not about Clinton.”

*Evan Peters has multiple roles. Kai Anderson is the main one, but he is also playing cult leaders from the past- including Charles Manson, David Koresh, and Jim Jones- in flashbacks. Jones seems to be the most significant of these. Evan will also appear as the iconic pop culture artist Andy Warhol, who was a very different kind of ‘cult’ leader. Kai is a psychopath who uses fear and uncertainty to rise to power, including political power. “I do feel like this is his best performance. For Evan, it’s been a great challenge. We pushed him to the limit.”

*Lena Dunham is playing Valerie Solanas, the woman infamous for attempting to kill Warhol. She will appear in one episode, the seventh, which Murphy says is about female rage.

*Emma Roberts is playing a very superficial newscaster named Serina Belinda, who is promoted over Adina Porter’s Beverly Hope. She also appears in one episode, just as I figured she would after she filmed for only a day or two.

*Billy Eichner’s character, Harrison Wilton, is a suburban beekeeper and “new neighbor”- presumably to Ally and Ivy.

*Sidney Lumet’s movie ‘Network’ was a big influence.

*Landgraf says that what he’s seen so far makes him believe that ‘AHS: Cult’ will surpass ‘AHS: Asylum’ as his personal favorite season of ‘American Horror Story’.

*There are no supernatural elements and the color palette is muted.

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