TTMG by ValentrisRRock

Basically - redrawn screenshots, little addition to my TTGLxMGR crossover. And it shows the fact that I didn’t really cared about making logical parallels between characters even better: it seems like good and bad guys switched places, but for some reason, Armstrong is still a Lordgenome. So, yeah, it’s just a visual (characters design) crossover.

Final interview by ValentrisRRock

  My previous Jetstream Sam picture didn’t showed enough of Sam’s Badassness, so I decided to make another one, with bigger amount of epic (and maybe little bit overdramatic, comparing with how his final battle actually looked).
  I sure there was a better coloring/lightening choice for Sam himself, but since I run out of ideas and, most importantly, patience with this picture, in the end it has to be that way.

Senator Armstrong by ValentrisRRock

  I would not go so far as to call the senator Armostrong the most badass and epic video games boss of the last ten (or forty) years , since I’m not really familiar with the games the past decade, but I must admit that I have no evidences against it either. MGR:R Final boss cinematics alone made ​​me buy the game that I was not interested before, of the series that I always get round.
  In fact, all I knew about the MG series before is “you play as one-eyed guy who likes to hides in a boxes, and then in the middle of the game you’re suddenly became some bishonen, which everyone hates”. But Armstrong (and it seems all the other characters too) is so shamelessly and barefaced emits video game pathos that sometimes I get the impression that the game is actually parodies epic stories, characters, and even visual designs of bosses.
  At the moment, it’s hard to say anything else because I didn’t even passed the middle of the game , but it looks like I finally got another rich source of inspiration.

Sundowner of Desperado by ValentrisRRock

  Continuing my holy mission of making tributes to MGRR bosses, this time - Sundowner.
  “Red Sun” is maybe my favorite MGRR OST theme, and Sundowner himself is one of most entertaining characters in the game, but his boss battle wasn’t really exciting, so I decided to not make a big-ass action scene, like I did for Monsoon, just a comiс book stylised scene from his boss intro.

  At first I planned to make it completely in Sin City style, with strong black and white contrast, but since I realised I’m too far from Miller’s talent, I did just a kinda-sorta-I-don’t-know.