HH Theory: Angel and Valentino

So, those who’ve seen the prequel comic on the Hazbin Hotel website know that Angel was/is working for a powerful Pimp named Valentino


ad Valentino, as you can see from above, is an @$$hole.

Now, I know the #1 theory we have regarding him is “maybe Angel’s at the hotel looking for a way out of Val’s clutches,” BUT….then the next day, the pilot came out…and in the opening, we see THIS:


Viv, is VERY CLEVER in her story plot-hook delivery. She DELIBERATELY included this after releasing those first seven prequel pages knowing the fans would NOTICE and put 2 and 2 together that Angel IS still working for Val, and that Val’s just as much of a controlling, dominating abusive boss as presented in the only two pages of him we’ve seen so far…and not ONLY has it got us hooked on how that can effect Angel’s character development, but also, let’s keep in mind ONE OTHER DETAIL OR TWO:


Valentino does NOT like it when Angel is outside the Pron studio. As far as he’s concerned, Angel’s a PORN ACTOR….HIS porn actor, and NOTHING MORE, probably to keep him from getting hurt and “damaging the goods” so to speak. However, we DOn”T KNOW is Valentino knows that Angel’s at the hotel…AND we all KNOW that Angel’s little turf battle with Cherri and Pentious was broadcast ALL OVER HELL



-What deal did Angel make to get out of the studio? Or did he make a deal at all?

-How will Valentino react to Angel’s “turf war” shenanigans and Angel being at the hotel?

-How will Valentino’s involvement in Angel’s life while at the hotel effect Angel’s story arc?


Angel Dust, Valentino and Hazbin Hotel belong to @vivziepop