“Halloween’s over, right? Merry Christmas!!!!!”
perpetually excited, Mocha Noir was probably a spiral in her previous life. her hobbies include forgetting the punch line to every joke, drinking excessive amounts of chocolate, and decorating *everything*, which makes her the best choice for chalk artist at the clan cafe.
(I’m definitely channeling her today, since its the start of holiday season at Starbucks! I’ve drawn so many chalk boards today ;;)

How to be a good BRO
  • Mika: *Broblushes after his bro Yuu holds his face*
  • Yuu: *Say to his bro Mika that he was too busy looking at him to see anything else*
  • Mika: *Bakes for his bro*
  • Yuu: *Gives Valentines chocolate for his bro at Valentines Day*
  • Mika: *Drinks blood from his bro's neck every time his thirsty*
  • Anti-mikayuu: They are just bros
  • Me, a complete MikaYuu shipper: "Of course"
BTS reaction | when their s/o is a huge tea addict

BTS when their s/o is a huge tea addict

Jin/Seokjin: would think its really cute and would love to have tea times with you all the time, most of your dates are either tea dates at your house when he makes cute little cakes and cookies and brings them over, or at at a quiet, quaint tea shop that serves little tea sandwiches and the like. 

Suga/Yoongi: doesn’t really mind a whole lot, he’s more of a coffee person then a tea person, just because he’s used to chugging a 6 shot expresso before going and working on music all night, but he admits its nice to just sit and have some tea with you, particularly on a rainy day, he likes to sit and watch the rain and sip on tea (or coffee for him, tea doesn’t have enough caffeine to wake him up.)

J-Hope/Hoseok: Hobi is more of an iced tea person then a hot tea person, but he enjoys a nice cup of calming jasmine tea every once and a while with you when he’s feeling stressed. His favorite thing is when you guys are watching a movie on a cold night and you’re in one of his sweaters, holding your mug with both hands, the sleeves too long on you so you have sweater paws. (he also puts like 20+ sugars in his tea its like syrup)

Rap Monster/Namjoon: Likes tea, but prefers coffee for the same reasons Suga does. He also has the added stress of being the leader, so he physically needs the extra caffeine coffee gives him. He is a fan of Yerba Mate, since that has the flavor of tea with the added benefit of lots of caffeine.  He likes to have his tea when he’s working on lyrics with you on the sofa, reading a book or scrolling on the internet, you on one end of the couch and him on the other with his legs intertwined with yours under a cozy blanket

V/Taehyung: The only tea this honeybuns likes is bubble tea bc he’s a lil smol child but he adores taking you out on tea dates to a bubble tea shop and even tho it might not be your favorite, the sentiment is nice because at least he’s trying to bring together the two things you guys like :’)

Jimin: is all for the tea habits!! bring them on!!! he’s all about that romantic and really cute tea dates hell yeah hell yeah he gets all warm and mushy inside JUST imagining you and him sitting in a cute little warm cafe drinking tea and feeding each other cakes and sweets~~ 

Jungkook: lmao this kid he doesn’t like tea he thinks its way too grown up for him he’s a hot chocolate person and the hyungs dont let him have coffee with caffeine in it bc the last time that happened he was legit bouncing off the walls like some sort of knock off walmart brand spiderman so y'all have hot cocoa dates instead of tea dates but oNCE in a while, like for your birthday or for y’alls anniversary of valentines day, he’ll drink tea for you just bc he loves u~~~