Fallout 4 Headcanons 4
(Left 4 Dead zero, Arsenal three) 

Let’s give the ghouls some love ok yes because they’re all fab;

  • Edward Deegan’s newsboy cap is the only thing he has left from his former life. He once misplaced it at Cabot House and was inconsolable for the rest of the day. (It was down the back of the sofa).
  • Kent Connolly loves Sugar Bombs; they were his treat of choice when tuning in to The Silver Shroud before the War. 
  • Arlen Glass listens to Marlene’s holotape every single night before he goes to sleep. 
  • Hancock needs glasses, but Hancock will not even entertain the idea of wearing glasses. 
  • Daisy’s mellow attitude masks a deep despair at the state of the world. 

& the best of the rest;

  • Desdemona has one hell of a singing voice, and Railroad HQ has excellent acoustics.
  • Codsworth was only pretending to be stuck in a verbal loop with the Vault Tec Rep after the bombs first fell and the man moved into Sanctuary; he was angry that his family had gone away without him, and took out his frustration on the only other person around. 
  • Myrna is actually a Synth. Percy knows, but his ‘do no harm’ programming does not permit him to tell anyone as doing so would almost certainly lead to her death. This conundrum occasionally confuses him into thinking that brooms should be on sale.
  • Nick says a quick prayer for the original Nick Valentine and Jennifer Lands each time he and Sole visit a church. He’s not really a believer per se, but it seems like the respectful thing to do. 

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