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The thing I love most about Valentine’s Day (perhaps the only thing I love about it) is making cheesy YA novel valentines. This year’s batch is Raven Cycle themed! Tired of chocolates and flowers? Why not treat yourself to a book about deadly kisses! <3


Another Star Wars movie, another set of terrible delightful Valentine’s cards for everyone you love.

The Force Awakens


Rogue One Valentines

(with suggestions from @leechbrain and @foreign-eggplant)

“psst hey is your last name katsuki? because yuri-lly hot~”

//slapped// thanks to @happypersimmon for the pick-up line idea




he’s so done with him //but he still loves him

happy valentine’s day~

pickup lines i made at 16
  • r u food? cuz i can’t live w/o you and youre making me fat
  • you won’t be Han SoLO for long if i have anything to say about it
  • i’m no jedi, but i think the force between us is pretty strong
  • are you bubonic plague? because *dies*
  • are you life alert? bc help, i’ve fallen for you and i can’t get up
  • are you an open heart surgeon wearing winter gloves? cuz you make me all warm and fuzzy inside
  • are you a particularly large pimple cuz i can’t take my eyes off you
  • are you sleep? cuz i can’t get enough of you 
  • i bet you’re poison ivy cuz every time we touch i get hot and bothered
  • are you hands? cuz there’s a rumbling in my tummy that only you can satisfy
  • r u ron weasley? cuz you’re a keeper
  • r u the mechanical pencil my friend lent to me yesterday? cuz i’m keeping you
  • r u a galaxy cuz youre a swirling blob of rock and gas slowly spiraling into a black hole that will eventually consume us all
  • r u a  custodian closet me and my friend found found while being chased by the cops, cuz i’m getting pulled in
  • r u a taser cuz i am stunned
  • is u sifted flour cuz u is fine
  • are you an animal attack on discovery planet? cuz i can’t make myself look away
  • are you 5 hours of sleep? cuz you always leave me wanting more
  • are you a tornado? cuz you toppled my house and stole all my cows
  • r u my favorite meal? cuz ur flaming hot and give me gas
  • r u turbulence? cuz ur giving me butterflies in my tummy
  • r u a boy? cuz you look like a boy.

Day 7 :  Valentine’s

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Day 6 :  Fairy Tales [part 1]

Day 6 :  Fairy Tales [part 2]

Day 6 :  Fairy Tales [Final part]

( DAY 7 )

8th-14th February | Credits to @fransweek

Too sweet that I’ll get diabetes from doing this day. XD


Untamed Valentines: Wholesome Edition

(I invite you all to send these to friends/family/blogs you love/etc, all I ask is that you somehow give me credit!)

(Also, for those of you who would like to see the text of these without the pun inserted in, I’ve included it in each one’s caption)