valentines week


Valentine’s Week: 2/7

three distinct ways steve looks at the people he loves


“Jimmy said that he felt like a caged animal because of his contract with the studio, and he said he was willing to give up everything to go to Europe and feel free. He wanted life and love and not only a career. Although he was a very aggressive, ambitious actor, he was very sensitive, with beautiful feelings.” -Ursula Andress

A Year Of Firsts

On the first day of January,

You introduced yourself… “Hi, I’m Mary”.

On the first day of February,

You gained your courage to ask me out even though it was kinda scary.

On the first day of March,

You gave me a kiss under the Saint Louis arch.

On the first day of April,

You took me on a trip where we slept below a large, lone maple.

On the first day of May,

You said that even though things were hard it would be okay.

On the first day of June,

You held me like we were the last people alive staring up at the moon.

On the first day of July,

You told me that we could do anything if we really try.

On the first day of August,

You knelt on one knee and proposed.. you were always the cutest.

On the first day of September,

You helped me choose my dress adding a beautiful broach of ember.

On the first day of October,

They told me that it had been your ex’s fault… that he wasn’t sober.

On the first day of November,

My heart was pained and ever so tender.

On the final day of December,

you told me it wasn’t just my love you’d remember.


January came once again,

You did not greet me with your name at 10.

You did not get flustered at my first joke

You did not yell at the group of teens who tried to smoke.

You did not see me for the first night of the year

You did not see me, and I did not get to hear.


On the second of January,

Your mother asked “are you ready, Mary?”

You would nod your head

And she would wheel you out ahead.


I waited at the other end of the hall.

I was nervous, to say the least of all.

You smiled at me

Your dress ever so fancy

And at the front your mother helped you stand

And I would take you by the hand.


On the night of the second.

The night that had beckoned

We were wed

And the gathered loved ones had said

“A Toast, To Elizabeth and Mary”

On this night, our faces were as red as strawberries.


I have always loved you.

You may have never thought it through,

But you were the spark that changed my life.

I love you forever and always.. Love, your delighted wife.