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Valentines Day - Stiles Stilinski

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a/n happy valentines day, hope you guys had a fantastic day full of love, or teen wolf.. 

“Happy Valentines Day, Babe!” you heard Stiles yell, as he walked into your room carrying flowers, chocolates, and the whole nine yards. You smiled, this would be your first year with a Valentine, and you couldn’t be happier that it was Stiles. 

“Happy Valentines, lover boy.” you giggled, while wrapping your arms around his neck, placing small kisses on his lips. 

“I have something for you,” you said reaching into your closet pulling out a Darth Vader holding chocolates, and a card. “Happy Valentines Day!” you said, placing it onto his lap. The smile that plastered his face made the countless hours you spent looking for the present worth it. “How do you know me so well?” he said, moving his present, and grabbing you by the waist pulling you down. 

“I love you so much.” you said, grabbing his collar pulling him down to your lips. “I’m happy you’re my Valentine, babe. I love you.” Stiles said, in-between kisses.


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