valentines jewellery

So one of my favourite things is imagining the more romantic students at Hogwarts trying to break in to the points hourglasses in order to make their beloveds jewellery.
Just think: James, Valentines Day, 7th year- he presents Lily with a beautiful pair of Ruby earrings, and she’s feeling like ‘Oh my god James, I can’t accept these- they must have cost a fortune.”
And him smiling like “No, not really- I made them.”
“You made these?”
*McGonagall yelling from distance* POTTER!!!!!
“Oh shit, must dash.” And he kisses her on the forehead and runs like the wind.

Him later explaining that he’d swiped the rubies from the points glass and set them in gold he’d transfigured from a Galleon, and he’s really sheepish because he thinks she’ll be mad, but she just gives him this massive hug because it’s the most thoughtful thing ever, even if he is head boy and did steal school property and transfigure official currency- he made her earrings. And more importantly, he gave her a little piece of Hogwarts- of Gryffindor- to keep forever.