valentines for nathan

blabluek  asked:

Hello! I would like 1A of Elena getting worried sick about Nate. Thanks!

umm, warried sick…
First of all I remembered a scene that Nate came back from sea in UC3.
That time, Elena was sooo goooood woomaaan. (*^o^*)

By the way, Nate is cured all hurts soon. lol
So I drew injured Nate!
(I’m sorry if this art is different from your image.)

Thanks for the request!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

sammoticus  asked:

A3, rafe/nate?

Oh, it was difficult for me.
But I wanted to draw Rafe’ s crazy crooked love.

He don’t know how to give love & be loved.
Rafe said that he is jealous of Nate’s achievement.
But I think that Rafe was jealous of Nate because Nate was loved by everyone.
May be he also wanted to be loved by Nate.

By the way, this art is the young them before the separation.

Thanks for the request!
Happy Valentine’s Day!