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I’ve had fever dreams of Sporticus telling me to work out ever since this stream.

  • People come, I push them away: Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Cancer
  • People talk, I know what they say: Gemini, Pisces, Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Aries

I bet you can’t tell who my favorite characters are

All my legends of tomorrow valentines in one post! I’m going to post the supergirl ones tonight and tomorrow. Feel free to use any of these!

Angel - Barry Allen imagine

Barry Allen x female reader

Word Count: 1967

Fluff for this Valentine day Tuesday

Summary: (Y/N) has received a love letter. The problem, she doesn’t know who sent it. The other problem, she is already in love with someone else


Within seconds you stole my attention
Skin so perfect, a golden complexion
More than beautiful girl, you’re a work of art
Oh, my, I cannot believe my eyes
Oh, my, pinch me, am I dreamin’, am I?
Oh, my, did you fall from the skies?

I can’t see your wings, but girl, you’re an angel
Oh, my, my angel
You’re so out of this world, you’re hiding your halo
Oh, oh, my angel
Oh, my, my angel
Won’t you be mine? My angel
I can’t see your wings, but girl, you’re an angel
Oh, my angel

Your heart melted once more when you read those words for what seemed the millionth time today.
“You are reading that thing again?” Caitlin asked
“Yeah” you sighed dreamfully “I can’t help it. Every time I use the phone I have, no, need to read it”
“It’s a shame you don’t know who sent it” she commented while sipping her coffee.
“I’m kind of bumped about it too. I mean, they could have written an initial or,  I don’t know, something at least!” You said exasperated.
Since the letter arrived on Valentines day, attached to a bouquet of flowers with no remitent, you had been thinking of who the person might be. However, no one seemed to fit in the description. And to be honest, you were a little bit scared to reveal the identity, since your heart already belonged to another person.

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The second in a series of valentines! Barry and Iris are adorable

Edit: i learned about a Valentine’s Day Barry Allen/Iris West event that @multiverse-adventures is holding where artists and writers can enter their stories and fan art based on a given prompt. I’m entering this valentine! I think it’s super cool that they’re making an effort to promote interaction within the fandom community. Feedback is how artists and writers grow!

Fun little Neck Deep Valentine’s day flash sheet:) 
Hope everyone has a great day full of love and happiness! <3