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Yes I love Valentine’s Day cause I’m a hopeless romantic! And this year I want to spend the love, so I’m giving the chance for 5 of you lucky followers to get a never before seen Valentine’s sterek print by me!

Just follow these simple rules!!
❤you must be following me!
❤️no giveaway blogs allowed!
❤️you must be willing to give me your address (I’ll be posting worldwide)
❤️you have to like AND reblog this post once!
❤️you will need to have your ask box open
❤️you will need to reply to my message with your address in 24 hours or I’ll pick another winner.

This closes on Wednesday 25th 11:59pm GMT and winners will be messaged on Thursday 26th. (It’s short cause I want to get these out to the winners by Valentine’s Day)

Good luck and I love you!!!

Do you enjoy smol adorable pandas in your inbox, horribly great puns, and awesome stuff in general? Well you are in luck today fren.

I will give out as many as I can and will edit them just for you, (will be given as a PM just saying) I will also post the templates of Oreo as well. 

Fair warning, my priority goes as so: 

1.Best Tumblr Friends.


3. People who reblog this post. 

Of course, Being a follower/reblogging is a +, I hope to make many people happy and feel loved, by a very smol panda :3

Cat enthusiast Keith for nya’ll

Last Valentine’s Day, a handful of Steggy fans decided, spontaneously, to celebrate the ship by posting all kinds of goodies. It was such fun that this year we thought we’d make an official post inviting Steggy fans to take part!

To join the fun, post something on Tuesday, February 14 about Steve/Peggy - gifsets, art, fic, headcanons, all are welcome! - and tag it #steggy. The post can be V-Day themed, but it doesn’t have to be. The goal is to fill the Steggy tag with love for our favourite battle couple.

If you have friends that you want to share the love with, then tag them on your post - so they can be your Steggy Valentines!

This V-Day, let’s all share the Steggy love!


Happy Valentine’s Day!💘| Repost @unitedforwildlife | Help us share the pangolin love this #valentinesday 💗💞💕💓💖 Pangolins only give birth to one young at a time and the baby pangolins travel around with their mothers by riding on the base of her tail… Or just crawling all over her! #pangolin #pangolins #babypangolin #pangolinfact #factoftheday #fact #didyouknow #worldpangolinday #valentines #conservation #wildlifephotography #worthmorealive #wildlifeconservation #unitedforwildlife
#wildlife /// Footage from @tikkihywoodtrust #wildlife #endextinction #endangered #criticallyendangered #antipoaching #cute #babyanimals #nature #KeyConservation

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Cheer Up Post #4670 - Valentine’s Day Cakes Edition

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Food Masterpost

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Thank you all so much for sticking around for so long, I love you all so so much and I hope you guys are having a wonderful day ❤ Whether or not it’s Valentine’s Day it’s always good to take the time and share your love and appreciation with a friend, a stranger or a family member because you never know what they’re fighting and what they’ve never heard before. All it takes is just a moment to make a moment with someone! I’m still here because of all the love I’ve been given by my friends and family and the people I’ve met here, love is that powerful, so wouldn’t you want to share love like it was Valentine’s Day all the time?