valentines day gifts

Valentine’s Day dresses that will make his heart skip a beat…or 10! 

Photography: Love & Light Photographs

valentines day gifts ft. seventeen

seungcheol: a romantic dinner

jeonghan: he would put cute sticky notes on the wall about the things he loves about u with heart-shaped balloons floating everywhere

jisoo: chocolate lOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATE

jihoon: a personally composed song with ur name on it !!

mingyu: cute matching couple shirts

minghao: a hUGE tEDDY BEAR

junhui: a list of 101 reasons why he loves u

wonwoo: a romantic movie with ice cream because life is all about simplicity

soonyoung: a box in a box in an even smaller box into a really tiny box that just turns out to be a bracelet but hEY ROMANTIC RIGHT

seokmin: a heart-shaped pizza bc why not

hansol: he’d literally cover your bed with lots of pretty flowers and be like “if i had to pick the most beautiful flower in here i’d pick you” so CHEESY

seungkwan: hE WOULD SERIOUSLY GIVE U ANYTHING U WANT BC HE’S JUST SO SWEET LIKE THAT from a walk to the beach or a trip to paris okay maybe not hE’S UP FOR IT

chan: cute cards with heart stickers all over them with adorable moments you’ve shared together written on them hOW CUTE


Here it is the easier to watch and better version of my reaction video. Sorry for all my alien like noises but i think you can understand! Love you guys ! 


Introducing the Valentine x George Frost Gift Set

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