valentines day gift for girlfriend


Part of my Valentine’s gift for Colton
A basket full of items with cute messages and puns on them. Here’s the list of the things I got him:   

  • Beer: “I love you beery much”
  • Goldfish: “You have o-fish-ally stolen my heart!”
  • M&Ms: “Hope your day is Marvellous and Magnificent just like you!”
  • Lifesavers: “I ‘mint’ to tell you sooner.. thanks for being my lifesaver!”
  • Extra Gum: “You go the extra mile for me, Valentine!”
  • Scratch Card: “I’m so lucky to have you!”
  • Sweet Tarts: “You make my life a little sweeter!" 
  • Baseball (with heart seams): "You’re a catch!”
  • Skor: “I can’t believe I was able to skor you”
  • Reece’s Pieces: “I love you to pieces!”
  • *Can of Coke: “I soda think you’re amazing”
  • *Kisses (chocolate): “Your kisses are so sweet”
  • *Snickers: “You make me snicker”
  • *Cinnamon Hearts: “You’re hot!" 
  • *Sour Cherry Tinglers: "You make my heart tingle”

*not pictured

Hopefully this will give you guys some ideas for valentine’s day/anniversary presents!