valentines day gift for girlfriend


Part of my Valentine’s gift for Colton
A basket full of items with cute messages and puns on them. Here’s the list of the things I got him:   

  • Beer: “I love you beery much”
  • Goldfish: “You have o-fish-ally stolen my heart!”
  • M&Ms: “Hope your day is Marvellous and Magnificent just like you!”
  • Lifesavers: “I ‘mint’ to tell you sooner.. thanks for being my lifesaver!”
  • Extra Gum: “You go the extra mile for me, Valentine!”
  • Scratch Card: “I’m so lucky to have you!”
  • Sweet Tarts: “You make my life a little sweeter!" 
  • Baseball (with heart seams): "You’re a catch!”
  • Skor: “I can’t believe I was able to skor you”
  • Reece’s Pieces: “I love you to pieces!”
  • *Can of Coke: “I soda think you’re amazing”
  • *Kisses (chocolate): “Your kisses are so sweet”
  • *Snickers: “You make me snicker”
  • *Cinnamon Hearts: “You’re hot!" 
  • *Sour Cherry Tinglers: "You make my heart tingle”

*not pictured

Hopefully this will give you guys some ideas for valentine’s day/anniversary presents! 

anonymous asked:

Heya, so, could I have a scenario of what Katsuki would do for his s/o on valentines day?

Here you go~ Thanks for the request!

ahhh annual singleness awareness day

The first thing that tipped Bakugou off that today was special was the morning text. 

Good morning Blasty McSplode~ <3 <3

You rarely ever put hearts in your morning texts. He shook it off as he got ready to leave for school. As he began to trudge out the door he couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy. Had he forgotten something? He grumbled under his breath as he walked out of the door. What the hell am I acting like a fool for?

As he made his way to the train station, he couldn’t help but take notice of all the pink, red and white plastered over nearly every building he passed. something was definitely up. He scratched at the back of his head as he tried to figure it out, despite the constant blank he was met with.

It was only when he had boarded the train when he realized just what was going on. Up on one of the TV screens that lined the wall of the train car blared the words, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Never before had such innocent seeming words sent such a jolt from his toes all the way up to the top of his head. Of all holidays he could forgotten about, why did it have to be this one?

Much to his horror, the train had already started moving. A light panic began to crawl over him. He was sure you personally wouldn’t care much that he forgot, but for one, he was NOT going to be that asshole that didn’t get his girlfriend a gift on Valentines day, and two, you deserved better than receiving nothing. His mind whirred as he tried to figure something out. 

The moment the train doors slid open, he was out. Sprinting to the nearest shop he began to pick out a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate, only to realize at checkout that he hadn’t brought any money. He cursed as he boarded the train again. It was looking like he was going to be that asshole. To add to his list of unintentional fuck ups, he was now going to be late for school. 

Exiting the train another time felt a bit painful for him as he sauntered towards the school gates. Yet lo and behold, in front of his eyes stood a blessing from the heavens. He stared at the cherry tree for a mere second before it dawned on him that he had been saved. A single branch of the tree had began to blossom with small pink flowers. He broke the branch off and broke into a run. He had kept you waiting long enough.

He sped down the empty halls and burst through the door, presenting the branch and exclaiming, “Happy Valentine’s Day, _____!”

Everyone in class 1-A stared at him. You smiled widely has you greeted him with a hug. 

That Valentine’s Day was no where near perfect, but it was one you’d remember for the rest of your life.