valentines day gift for girlfriend

Valentine’s Day

I know Valentine’s Day is gross and commercial and cheesy, but when you’re dating it’s sweet. Scott and I have celebrated Valentine’s Day off and on over the years as married folk. Some years we dress up and go out and eat fancy and buy presents. Some years we are busy and Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, and we are getting over the flu and agree to give each other a pass (hello 2017!). That’s how mature couples operate. 

Besides, one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts is watching Finn be so sweet to his girlfriend. He planned ahead and made dinner reservations for last Saturday (tonight’s a school night, yo!) even though he had an incredibly busy week, ordered an album two weeks ahead of time (kids these days dig vinyl–go figure), and he bought her flowers. All on his own. 

He got his dad’s heart. How perfect is that?