valentines day bs


☩  James Flint | XXXI  ☩

If we were able to take Nassau, if we are able to expose the illusion that England is not inevitable, if we are able to incite a revolt that spreads across the New World then, yeah I imagine people are gonna notice.

Valentines Day 🙄.....I call BS

So I think it’s a corporate ploy and propaganda on a pagan holiday to make you spend your $$$….Unnecessarily on stuff that you can and should do any other day of the year. Buy flowers 🌺 or chocolate 🍫 or that diamond 💎 tennis bracelet just because. Buy him that game system with that brand new 2k just because. Take your loved one out to eat just because y'all hungry and wanna go out to eat. Don’t be a slave to retail n go broke buying into shit one specific time of the year. Show people you love them any day of the year…… Valentine’s Day but tomorrow February 15th I’ll celebrate BLACK LOVE DAY❤❤❤…….show other black people you love them just because……No cards flowers or candy needed unless that’s what YOU wanna do, not because you’re pressured to do it. Hell they want us to reduce our history celebration down to the shortest month of the year n still wanna slide their shit in.