valentines day 2014

instant crush // a mix for valentines 2014

  1. The Look -Metronomy
  2. Scar -Cloud Control
  3. Bound 2 -Kanye West
  4. Melt -Chet Faker, Kilo Kish
  5. Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues -Safia
  6. Instant Crush -Daft Punk, Julian Casablancas
  7. Love Is To Die -Warpaint
  8. After The Disco -Broken Bells
  9. You & Me -Flume Remix -Disclosure, Eliza Doolittle
  10. I Miss You -Ta-ku
  11. It’s Not Over -Panama
  12. Permission To Love -Hayden James
  13. Evie -Cub Sport
  14. Periscopes -The Beautiful Girls
  15. The Breach -David Tebbutt



((Happy Valentine’s Day from AskTheMotherglubbinEmpress!

Enjoy these cards! And I included a transparent Condy for the corner of your blog! Oooo! You can use her if you like, just give me credit and a link back! ♥

And remember folks, abducting the object of your affection and making them power your interstellar battleship is an unhealthy relationship choice!))


Happy Valentines Day ಥ_ಥ 2014

Made a quick 15 second valentines day video. Me and my babe are enjoying the day ^_^ Happy ValentinesDay everyone