valentines day

Dude what’s so unfair is when someone I like asks if I like them like no I don’t want to say yes as have it not be mutual or say no and find out they do like me or if there’s a chance I could potentially get a crush on you but it’s too early to tell why can’t I just say ‘subject to change’ or 'ask again later’ and then prepare myself you can’t spring this shit on me

the signs as lovers

possessive and does not let anyone touch u but cute as hell; Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer

holds ur hand and kisses u 24/7; Sagittarius, Gemini

tells u corny jokes and hugs u from behind; Pisces, Leo, Aquarius

compliments u and plays with your hair; Capricorn

gets mad at everything u do but smiles in the inside bc ur so cute; Libra, Aries

awkward as hell and angry but spoils u and makes u the happiest; TAURUS