A few interesting things from RaM SDCC panel:

-So Rick is definitely a pickle in that clip. Roiland said that for that ep, Rick is getting himself out of something he didn’t want to do by turning himself into a pickle. It had started out as a joke among the writers, but they decided to turn it into an episode! Roiland made the joke of saying “he really found himself…IN A PICKLE!” lmao

-Harmon said that in one episode they spend the entire time not mentioning alcohol once- yet, the entire episode is about alcoholism and functioning alcoholics, which is “Rick’s curse”

-Harmon ALSO said that in another episode, Rick is totally steeped in his drinking, but the episode isn’t really about his drinking at all.

-They’re going to explore Beth and Jerry’s relationship more

I cannot wait for season 3! HYPE!!!


Valentine and Diego

Valentine: “Class, does anyone know what year the constitution was written in?”

Diego: “Velociraptors aren’t as big as they were in the movie.”

Valentine: “(Diego), this is history.”

Stop Spreading The V Day Video

I can’t believe that I have to fucking say this. It has been said multiple times, again and again! But here we are, making the same mistake. Fellow members of the Phandom:

Stop fucking spreading The V-Day video

I’m honestly disgusted to see people who consider themselves good fans of Dan and Phil, sharing the video! Spreading it, giving out the link to it on vimeo, etc; 

Do you all (And when I say this, I don’t mean the phandom as a whole, but only the ignorant ones who can’t seem to act human for a minute) not learn? Do you guys not listen? Well, let me say it: You are absolutely terrible.

Can’t you all see the damage that one video has done to the phandom? Do you not see the damage it has done to Phil and Dan? Not to mention: It’s Phil’s video! His! So, it’s not yours to re upload you twats! Not only are you guys being absolutely awful fans by re uploading, but you are invading their privacy!

I’m shocked to see that even after four years, people don’t seem to learn from the past. Do you want to hear some of the bullshit excuses the re up-loaders/sharers/linkers gave?

“It’s a deleted/privated video so it’s not Phil’s anymore.” Really? 

“Well Dan and Phil don’t bring it up in their videos, so I assumed it’s not a problem.” If Dan broke a finger, but didn’t acknowledge in is videos, does it make the finger any less broken? No? Okay then.

“W-well, some new members of the phandom were curious-”

Lemme stop you there. ATTENTION NEW PHANDOM MEMBERS. I’m going to real with you all, okay? The phandoms intense, passionate, and kinda gross (have ya read that chair fic) but we all have one thing in common: We all love Dan and Phil. Whether they’re your sons or your fathers, we love them. So please, if you want to find out more about the video, please don’t watch it, don’t give encouragement to those who share it, just do your research. 


Listen. If you’ve been in the phandom for a while, you should know that we don’t exactly have the greatest reputation. And why’s that? Is it because of the fics? The popularity? The passion? No. It’s because sometimes we’re fucking pushy, and it’s awful. I get it: Ya’ ship phan, I ship phan too (I turned in a phanfic I wrote in my English class once, I’m trash.) But, no matter what, we can’t force the two to be a couple if they aren’t. Prank or no prank, if they say it was a prank, we can’t keep harassing them or trying to force them to ‘come out’. Imagine this: You and your bff are so close, people would think you are a couple. You are comfortable around each other, and you find the people who ship you two to be funny. One day, you guys decide to troll the public and wear t-shirts saying you guys are dating. Your bff decides it’s a little mean, so you guys change. But the damage is done. People took pictures, posted them, retweets, commenting on all your things saying you and your bff’s ship is real, etc; No matter what, you guys can’t get away from it. You guys say it was a joke, but people just spit back in your face caling you a liar, and then flaunting the evidence as ‘proof.’ Even years later, it’s still getting shared, upsetting both you and your best friend. Does that sound fun, guys? Does it? Because it’s basically the same situation Dan and Phil have to go through because of members of our phamily.

Even if it it’s cute, even if it wasn’t a prank, even if you’re curious, even if you’re trying to help, even if phan is real, even if phan isn’t real, even if you think it’ll encourage Dan and Phil to ‘come out’, this is hurting Phil and Dan… So,

Do NOT watch

Do NOT share