valcite  asked:

heavy breathing i love courtesan levi can we have a fullbody of that outfit for reference sake? i'd love to draw it oh my gosh

of course you can <3  i sketched and slapped color onto it, please forgive weird proportions etc.

(his skirt is opaque, the under-lines are here to show his thigh bands since otherwise they’re not necessarily default visible.

for this outfit, the main component is his skirt — the intention is that outwardly and at its most modest, it’s a simple garment — but its inner lining is a beautifully painted starry sky on blue silk, just visible in flirtatious/alluring peeks if he moves in a particular way.  it’s designed to make the viewer want to peel it open and see more.  the rest of the outfit and accessories are deliberately simple as to not compete for visual attention.)


#178 Xatu - Has the ability to see into the future with its right eye, and the past with its left. Xatu tends to stand still in one spot all day long. People believe that Xatu does so out of fear of the terrible things it has foreseen in the future. Although unable to communicate telepathically one might understand its thoughts by looking at its wings.


#426 Drifblim - It’s drowsy in daytime, but flies off in the evening in big groups. No one knows where they go. When noticed, they suddenly vanish. It can carry people and Pokémon when it flies, but since it only drifts, it can end up anywhere. It can control its altitude by generating and releasing gas within its body.

So, and I hope that no one is put off by this, I just wanted to share what I got for my birthday with all of you. And yes, I’m in my pajamas, fuck it.

Obligatory best friend present (so she doesn’t feel left out): This Attack on Titan keychain-set… thing. Meep.

But that’s not important right now *tosses aside* What isimportant is the complete onslaught of love and appreciation my beloved Valentine gave to me. 

Let’s start with the letter. It’s mine, you can’t read it. Nyeh!

But then she went beyond the distance and knitted me a beautiful scarf:

This is actually my first ever scarf and I was so excited I wore it all day. Next off, this wonderful watch-necklace

Which was very much needed because I can never keep track of anything in the way of a watch-like device.

External image

am her Wolfie after all…

And I can finally read in the dark without hurting my eyes…

In the company of a new friend…

I was not expecting all of this, honestly. I could almost say that it’s over-whelming, but its just more evidence of my little Valentine’s affection. I love you dear, and everything that you are.

Thank you so, so much. I hope the day we can meet face to face is sooner than later. 

And to everyone who wished me happy birthday, thank you.