Valentine’s Day by totingtheirstyle featuring diane von furstenberg
Charlotte Russe high heel shoes / Satchel handbag / Betsey Johnson / Swarovski crystal necklace / Juicy Couture / Accessorize cuff jewelry / Plastic earrings / Diane von Furstenberg / Alexon , $39 / Topshop knit beanie hat / Charlotte Russe vintage eyewear


Can you remind me what is the date today?? Two more weeks and it’s Valentines Day!! the most awaited day for the lovebirds out there.. Ofcourse girls wants to look in there best on that very special day! Some try to invade other closet just to find the perfect dress! Some just wear uniforms because they usually celebrate right after school/work. But for those who are conscious enough and love to be picture perfect on Valentines. I have hear some outfit suggestion for you! :) 

There are lots of activities which couple can join this Valentines. Dinner Date, Fun Games, CONCERTS! yah! there are lots of bands having free concerts! Lovelapalooza (usually takes place in Luneta - just a throw stone away from our school) etc.. So this outfit is for the edgy type of girl and this is best for concerts! you bands, night outs, dinner with friends and more..So this outfit is for everything! :D I love the design of the dress (heart-shaped)! perfect for Valentines and how the color yellow and pink opted with the black vest! :) you can pair this with favorite doll shoes (for comfortable feeling) or a studded heels! (if you want to be edgy and elegant at the same time) It depends on your choice.. So what do you think? :)

Magcon Preferences

Key:  *= smut or contains smutty references 


Written Preferences

How he Proposes

When hes drunk

Your kids names

First I love you

His vows

When hes in the mood*

Picture Preferences 

Your engagement ring

Your nails

Your hair on a date

Valentines day gift from him

Your club outfit

Your date outfit

The lingerie he buys you*

Your eyeshadow

You and your kid

Your wedding

Your wedding dress

Wedding Kiss

Your valentines day outfit 


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