Sheith headcanon.  Shiro showered Keith with small free or cheap gifts, when they dated in the Garrison.  Before they started dating, back when they were just friends.  They’d seen some fellow cadets come back from a really over the top expensive Valentines’ day date.  Keith had mentioned how uncomfortable the idea of someone spending so much on him, when he couldn’t reciprocate, made him.

Shiro remembered, and when they became an item, he always made sure to keep his gifts and dates in a price range Keith was comfortable with.  Which is why Keith ended up with wild flowers Shiro would see on the way to meet him and candy bars every time they studied together.  Also once, he got the full suite of tiny astronaut figures from one of those 25 cent toy capsules vending machines.

Their dates also tended to end up being the dorkiest 50′s things ever, when Shiro planned them.  Like stopping by the Diner in town for milkshakes, Shiro’s treat, or going to the drive in movie theater on Shiro’s hoverbike.  Keith may have made comments once about needing to buy himself a poodle skirt if Shiro kept it up.  That got him a date to the local theater group’s rendition of Grease.

David Backes #1

Requested by Anon:  Hi I love your writing ^_^ Could you do an imagine were you’ve been stood up repeatedly by this guy you’ve had feelings for since you were kids and end up on romantic date with David Backes only to run into this other guy part way through it?

Word count: 1, 218

Thanking the waiter as he set your food down, your smile never wavering, you put your phone back in your purse and sipped the wine that has been sitting on the table for the last forty-five minutes.

Biting back a sigh, you took a bite of your food.

After he bailed out on you on Homecoming, your two supposed-to-be catch up dates, and valentine’s day, you shouldn’t even be surprised when he texted you earlier that he would be running late. By now, you should have known that his ‘running late’ meant never going to show up.

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anonymous asked:

Sonny brings Rafi home after their Valentines date (or just a realy romantic date bc I don't know if they are the type to do valentines)

This reminds me of the first time ask that I answered awhile ago. (’:

I don’t really think that they’re the type to do Valentine’s Day, either! Maybe they do get each other something small, but I don’t see them as the couple to go all out for that particular holiday. The save their going-all-out for things like anniversaries and each other’s birthdays!

But, I do think that Sonny would take Rafi home for the first time after a romantic dinner. Because Sonny is a bit of a cheesy sap, but he also knows that he’s in love with Rafael after that dinner, and he knows that that night is the right time to do it.


9 x - 7 i > 3 ( 3 x - 7 u )
9 x - 7 i > 9 x - 21 u
     - 7 i > -21 u
       7 i < 21 u
          i < 3 u
All’s well that ends well.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
(/〃`∀´)/♥(・´ ▽ `〃)


Sousuke shows up late coz he lost his way from the toilet.


Happy early VDay, Creampuffs 😘